How to play Baccarat

If you are a true player or even a beginner you must have heard about the game of Baccarat. It’s a familiar game with a familiar and very catchy name and it has been around for a long, long time. Maybe you are a beginner who is looking for a game that is easy to get in to or a long-time player who wants to refresh his skills when it comes to playing this old game, you came to the right page.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a very old card game. Like, old. Like, Wild West Old. It originated in Italy but popularized in France in the 1400s. After taking Europe by storm, it took it’s simple and yet easy-going charm internationally and the rest, as they say, is history.

We can’t argue the popularity Baccarat has, after all, it has been around for more than 600 years. Far longer than any casino in the world. It has been a favorite among casual casino goers and serious gamers alike. Let’s explore the charm and the staying power of the game that is Baccarat.



  • Action – Typical gambling term for the total amount wagered by a player for the entire game.
  • Baccarat – This means zero in Italian and it is the worst hand that you can get from the game.
  • Banco/The Bank – The player who has the shoe and deals the cards.
  • Banker Bet – One of the three possible bets you can choose at Baccarat.
  • Caller – A member of the casino staff responsible for the cards on the Baccarat table.
  • Dealer – The staff member responsible for card drawing. Depending on the Baccarat variation you choose, players themselves may take turns and act as dealers. 
  • La Petite – Translated into English, La Petite means The Little One. This is a natural Baccarat, totaling eight.
  • Natural – When the two cards you have been dealt total either eight or nine.
  • Player – This is one of the three available bets in Baccarat.
  • Shoe – If you play Baccarat online, the shoe will be represented on the table and the cards will be dealt with from it.
  • Standoff – When both, the player and the bank are joined in a tie.
  • Tie – One of the three possible bets. If a hand ends a tie, the player and the banker get their bets back.

We’re sure that you will encounter more terms that are pretty specific on what type or variation of baccarat that you are playing. For now, we will stick with the usual terms used on a simple game of baccarat. 



As stated before, Baccarat is a pretty easy game to get a hang of. Let’s get into it step by step and play by play. It’s super easy and we bet you will be playing Baccarat in no time after you read these instructions.

0 is bad, 9 is great. This is the mantra that you will keep in your mind while playing baccarat. All face cards and 10’s have no value. What you’re looking for are cards from 1 to 9. You can sum them up. What we’re aiming for is a sum of 9, which means an instant win. But if you have a sum smaller than the bank’s hand, you lose. It’s that easy.

Each round you and the bank will get three cards and before that, you have to place a bet. 

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Betting Options

Now let’s explore your betting options. There are three possible bets on a game of baccarat. Basically, you’re betting for you to win and to lose. Since you can bet if the banks’ hand will win. It’s all about who you think will win.

The first bet is for the bank’s hand to win. You can bet depending on the amount that the game would allow. Betting on the bak’s hand means you think the bank’s hand is going to win for that round.

The second betting option is to bet on your hand. This is the simplest bet that you can think of. A real go-to plan for those who believe that lady luck is o their side. Betting on your hand means you believe that your hand will be greater than the bank’s hand.

The last betting option is the Tie. This one is a bit tricky. Betting on the Tie requires confidence and a little bit of anticipation on the player’s part. Placing your bet on the Tie means you really think that your hand and the bank’s hand will have the same sum.

These are the three options that you can choose from for every round or deal when playing Baccarat. They may not be as much of a challenge but placing a bet and playing it out requires a certain strategy if you are looking for a big payout in the end.



First, don’t take a chance by placing a bet on the Tie. There are a lot of blog posts floating around the internet that tells you not to place a bet on the Tie since it has a very low probability that you and the bank will have the same hand on the duration of the game.

Always place your bet on the Banker or the Player. It doesn’t matter if you believe that you will always have the winning hand on each round if you bet on the banker and the Player, you are evening out the edge that the house has on the game. That means you can walk out with a higher profit than placing a bet on the Tie.

Also, avoid card counting. It won’t work or it’s been reported not to work on Baccarat. Since you are not in control of how the game will pan out, there is no real benefit to counting cards when playing baccarat.

There are strategies that you can also try when placing a bet on Baccarat. The flat betting strategy is where you place the same wager on every game. This way, you will not lose a significant amount of money However, you will also not make a huge amount of profit because your wagers will never increase and will always stay at your long-term affordable level.

Another strategy that some players use is the Martingale strategy. In the Martingale strategy, you double your stake every time that you lose. Therefore if you start at a $10 bet and lose, your next wager will be for $20. Using this method, you will have wagered $30 but won $40 if you win on your second bet, so it still returns a profit. Just make sure to stop this strategy right away if you are on a losing streak, you can run dry as quickly as you can turn a profit.

Use the strategy that suits your aggressive or passive way of betting, just make sure to mix it up when playing for a long game of Baccarat.



Since Baccarat is a pretty easy game to play, there are no-frills when it comes to payout. The calculation of your payout will be there right away on every round. Be sure to have your eye on your funds on each round, each win, and each loss. By doing so, you can easily see if you are winning or losing and see the ratio of your payout instantly.


It’s Easier Than you Think

There is a reason why the game of Baccarat is still being played to this day. It’s a straight forward game that can earn you profit right away. Everything is on the table and the betting options are pretty clear. It’s a game that requires both skills and luck. A perfect game to start with if you want to start betting as a beginner and a game that is loved by professionals and seasoned players. Casinos may come and go but Baccarat is definitely here to stay!

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