Bspin Backpocket


We haven’t heard of an online casino that lets you earn money while you’re sleeping. That is until we crossed paths with Bspin Casino and its brand new reward system called Backpocket. Are you curious to see how it works? Check our detailed review below!

What Is Backpocket?

It’s common for online casinos to incentivize their customers through various promotions and loyalty programs. While most of these promos are similar, a few casinos stand out in terms of originality, and Bspin Casino really outdid itself by launching Backpocket.

Backpocket is like your personal online casino wallet that fills itself with satoshis and free spins. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to move a muscle to have your pocket fill up.

Namely, every 20 minutes, you will earn ten satoshis, regardless of whether you’re logged in or not. However, mind that you’ll need to claim your ten satoshis for the wallet to start filling up again. After the counter reaches the maximum, it won’t reward you with new satoshis until you pick up the ten you already earned. Using this promotion to its full potential, you can make 720 satoshis each day.

Apart from the Satoshi Pocket, there’s also the Free Spin Pocket that grants you five free spins every 30 minutes. Collect the reward four times to get to a maximum of 20 free spins, which you can use on all video slots in Bspin Casino.

Again, we remind you that you don’t need to do anything to become eligible for these rewards. No deposits are necessary, meaning that you can always come back, claim your free Satoshi, and play for free.

Earn More by Telling Your Friends

As if this promotion wasn’t generous enough, Bspin Casino will reward you with additional Satoshi and free spins if you decide to spread the word about Backpocket.

The simplest way to do it is by copying the referral link from the casino site and sharing it directly with a friend. You can also share a post on your social media channels or put up a banner.

In any case, every time someone logs in through your referral link and takes the money out of their Satoshi Pocket, you will earn 20% of their reward, which is quite a significant bump to your balance considering that you’ll also be claiming your own rewards in the meantime.

Advantages of Using Backpocket

Like we stated earlier, Backpocket allows you to stack up Satoshi and free spins completely free, so this is the promotion’s most apparent benefit. You just need to create an account, which also comes free of charge.

The Backpocket will contain satoshis and free spins at any given time, meaning that when your real-money balance hits zero, you can always claim the rewards accumulated in your pocket and continue playing.

Considering that the Satoshi Pocket is free and refillable, there’s no real risk of using it, which is ideal for testing out new games. You can look at it as an unlimited budget for learning the ropes of online casino games.