Bet9ja and Bspin logos side by side

In your search for the best sports betting platforms in Africa, you’ll probably come across Bet9ja. Besides its virtual sportsbook program, it has also set up several physical shops to give potential members and clients the chance to put bets on their chosen sports.

Like Bspin, an online Bitcoin gambling site, Bet9ja is also offering live play betting and virtual games, which we will later discuss in this review.

Let’s take a look at the comparison between Bet9ja and BSpin, shall we? In this entry, we will be talking about the Bet9ja codes and odds, as well as what you may find on Bspin.


Bet9ja welcome offers let you avail 100% of your rewards of around ₦100,000 and do not demand a bonus code. That’s not bad, of course – in fact, on your search it might be one of the better offers around.

On the other hand, Bspin offers its customers the best bonuses and casino promotions

The main difference is Bet9ja offers fiat currency bonuses, whilst Bspin offers its bonuses and rewards in cryptocurrency. Of course, it is up to you which you prefer, although cryptocurrency does tend to have the chance to grow in value.


Bet9ja gets mixed reviews because of its poor offering of online games. However, they do have a wide selection of live dealer games and you can search for the ones you want to play. Aside from the live dealer games, Bet9ja casino offers 15 slots, 14 table games, and a lot of instant-win scratch card games. The virtual games are limited to the basics, though.

Bet9ja slot games are also pretty low in number and have average graphics and normal themes like common mafia slots, games about the Wild West, and “Africa Wild” and more. The games look and feel like the unbranded versions of the more famous casino games created by other companies but without the originality offered by many slot developers. Their games are alright, but you’ll likely find better games during your search. You need a Bet9ja mobile booking number to play.

In comparison, Bspin boasts around 1000 games coming from the best casino software providers. The game selection in Bspin is very diverse – offering blackjackbaccarat, slots, live dealer games, roulette, poker, keno, and other games with varying themes and graphics styles. Search to find a game you like!


he very first thing that you’ll notice about Bspin is its extremely simple, clean, and professional-looking design which is also responsive and mobile-friendly. Bspin players can also use the mobile casino via smartphones and tablets without the need to download games because Bitcoin casino is completely optimized for mobile gaming.

Both the Bet9ja website and app are also user-friendly and very interactive so that even the less technical players can operate the site with ease. Also, the Bet9ja casino page loads fast and has few bugs, which means that the betting experience will be hassle-free – especially in real-time. If you’re still using the old Bet9ja web interface, you might need to upgrade. The Bet9ja old mobile app won’t be as easy to use.

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Aside from the wide selection of best games that Bpsin is offering, what makes it better than Bet9ja is that Bspin has a blog. Bet9ja has a “Tutorials” page though, where you can learn “how to register”, “how to use atm to deposit”, “how to place bet” and more. On the other hand. the blog page of Bpsin contains informative posts and casino guides about all the games. The following are some of the blogs that you can read on the site.

To find more guides, simply search BSpin’s website!


On BSpin, all the amounts on the casino site are in micro BTC or satoshis. You will notice that it’s easier than counting decimals. The minimum amount that players can withdraw is 2,000 micro BTC, which converts to 0.002 BTC. You can deposit through Bitcoin gift cards or by using other payment options with Paxful. This makes everything instant and convenient for the players and staff alike. This takes 24 hours before it reflects in the account. It abides by the maximum standards of cryptocurrency safety, which oblige confirmation features before taking out cash to guarantee the right owner of the money will withdraw them.

On Bet9j, the minimum payout deposit is NGN100 while the maximum deposit is between NGN 9,999,999 (GTBank), NGN 10,000 (with WebPay), NGN500,000 (Skye), and NGN 100,000 (Paycom). Also, Quickteller and ATM deposit limits are depending on the card.

 Bet9ja operator has the following payment options:

  • GTBank (both mobile and online transfers)
  • Debit Card (WebPay)
  • ATM
  • Quickteller online
  • Instant Bank Deposits
  • Paycom Online Transfer
  • Skye Mobile Deposit

It is only through bank transfers that you can withdraw funds. This is a huge disadvantage for most players that use other payment options. If you want complete convenience, search for other options.


On your search, Bet9ja is surely one of the great online betting websites available. It has a huge array of excellent odds and sports, mainly for the soccer and basketball sports markets. However, a big letdown is that it’s only available to players and members who are living in Nigeria – so if you are outside of Nigeria you will need to extend your search. This is a substantial barrier to a larger marketplace of betters.

On the other side, Bspin is a young and thriving company that is making its name in the online casino industry. It brings the world of sophisticated gaming to Bitcoin players. It’s a new brand that has lots of energy, an impressive gaming experience, and a surplus of opportunities for the players to hit the biggest jackpots. Bspin makes sure that there’s a play to suit best for every punter, and it simply offers far more convenience when it comes to receiving your payouts. You can end your search with Bspin – this company has all the games and conveniences you can find.

Remember, when you search for a place to play, compare all the features to find the best one for you!