blackjack betting strategy

Blackjack is considered to be one of the oldest casino games. It is one of the major sources of entertainment for casino lovers.

Many online websites offer different variations of the game. In this article, we will explore the different wagering systems and blackjack betting strategies that will help you to make the most out of casino games. Make sure you go through the casino game guides before moving forward.

Different Variants of the Game

There are a lot of blackjack systems available and they all come with their own set of rules and strategies. The number of decks also plays an important role in this.

For instance, in standard games of 21, the payout ranges between 3 to 2. The house edge in a single blackjack game is -0.03%.

Similarly, in a double-deck blackjack game, the house edge is 0.25%. Four decks give you a house edge of 0.38%. Similarly, six decks give you an advantage of +0.42%. Eight decks give you an advantage of +0.44%.

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Best Blackjack Betting Strategy

The two strategies for blackjack that work the best are as follows:

Flat Betting Strategy

This betting strategy is very easy to be used. This is the reason that most gamblers prefer this strategy. In this strategy, you wager the same amount on the bet at every hand. This strategy has lower risk rates. This also gives you more control over your betting amount.

This game strategy saves you from excessive dangerous situations. You can avoid overspending by following this strategy. The only time you will work differently from your plan and try to overspend is when you see a better opportunity.

To understand the flat betting strategy more let me take an example. For instance, you have 500 dollars that you want to bet in this game.

Now if you bet 5% of it on each hand then you will be wagering 25% on each game.

The only drawback is that you might miss some winning chances by following these strategies to blackjack victory.

Positive Progression Wagering

This strategy helps you to fully utilize your winning streaks. Thus it also helps you to win your best payouts possible in the game.

This system boosts the chances of a player winning the match with a higher payout. The basic strategy involved in this is that each time you win, you increase the amount of the next bet when you win.

You keep on doing this till the time you do not encounter a losing hand in the game. However, one thing to note here is that you increase the bet amount only after you win.

Otherwise, you stick to the initial bet amount. After the first win, you keep on increasing the amount each time you win.

However, be careful about what amount you are increasing the bet once you start winning in the game. Also, know when it is the time to stop playing and investing money in the game.

Make sure that you have control over yourself in this game to prevent losses. It is a good practice to make a list of the number of hands you want to use while you play blackjack.

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Negative Progression Wagering

In negative progression wagering blackjack strategy, you need a big budget to bet. This makes this blackjack strategy a bit risky for people. New blackjack players should stay away from this blackjack betting strategy.

In this, the basic strategy is that you increase the betting amount in the next hand if you lose the previous one hand. However, there is no limit to the increased bet amount. You get to choose to what extent you want to increase the blackjack betting amount.

If you play correctly and you are an experienced blackjack player then you can get back the amount lost in the previous blackjack betting hands and win.

After you win a bet you can have the option to go back to the original amount you started with. When you are on a winning streak you can keep the betting amount as low as possible.

However, if you lose again you can start by increasing the wager amount in blackjack betting. The main idea behind this strategy for blackjack is that it helps you to restore back your money every time you incur a loss.

However, if you do not have enough cash to bet then it can cause a backfire.

You cannot predict in this for how long the winning or the losing streak will last. Blackjack players cannot determine when they will get lucky and hit a winning streak. At times this leads to a lot of money lost at the end.

Blackjack does not follow any concept like card counting in order to win. Card counting is dependent on the mix of cards that were played on.

Oscar Blackjack Method

In this blackjack betting strategy, your main idea is to win a single unit after a series of wagers. After this, you can start a new series of wagers.

If you can win in the first hand itself then you have already completed the goal of Oscar’s blackjack betting strategy.

Let us now take a different scenario. Take for instance you lose the first hand itself in blackjack. After this, you can place the same bet as the previous bet on the next hand. If you win this bet then you are able to recover the lost bet.

However, you will not start a new series after accomplishing this bet. You will have to add a betting unit now. Now if this betting hand is a winning one then you can start a new betting cycle.

In this blackjack betting strategy, you will have to keep a record of the number of times you win or lose.

This blackjack betting strategy contains the positive sides of both the positive progression strategy as well as the negative progression strategy.

The only difference in this strategy is that you can play for a longer duration if you are on a losing streak. This is because you will not empty your bankroll in this way.

One thing to note here is that if you are not careful then you can find yourself in a long losing streak in this game. This will cause you to lose all your money.

The Martingale System

This system is a variation of the negative progression system. In this method, the main idea is to make your wager double every time you lose.

This is the best blackjack strategy so far.

This is again a risky system as the players can afford to play this only if they have some amount of cash at hand. You should not use this method if you are not ready to lose some money by using this method.

This a game of luck betting strategy in blackjack and does not guarantee your win in the next bet.

The gains in this strategy are slow but positive when you win. You can make up for the previous losses that you made in the blackjack game.

One reason why most players avoid martingale strategies in blackjack is that it is the riskiest of all systems. This is because you have to double the next bet even if you encounter a loss in the previous one. This gets dangerous if you are losing in the long run.

Even if you are betting just 5 dollars on one hand it can accumulate to a large amount in the long run. Also, take a look at Bitcoin blackjack games.

Can you make money playing blackjack using basic strategy?

If you use the basic strategies of blackjack correctly then also you can make money. These betting strategies are correct mathematically and help you to earn a lot of money if used properly.

They are so helpful because blackjack is a mathematical game and can be won by using a fixed set of rules. They do not follow steps like card counting.

Let us look at some of them to win in blackjack:

1. Hit vs Stand

Make sure you hit when the sum total of your cards is far below 21. For example, you have two cards 2 and 7. Now their sum is definitely far less than 21.

In such a situation, you can hit. Now if your next card is 10 then the sum total of your cards is 19. Now you should stand at the final score of 19.

2. Split your cards:

If the two cards you deal with initially have the same value then split them. Once the cards are split you will have two hands.

3. Surrender

You can opt for this if you feel that the dealer has a stronger card than you. If you surrender then you can reclaim half of your bet.

This decision is a smart one if you have a bad combination of cards. However, do not use this blackjack strategy too much otherwise you will just lose money.

4. Insurance Bet

The insurance bet saves you if your dealer has a blackjack. You make a side bet if you betting that the dealer has a blackjack.

The side bet has to do nothing with your original bet.

Some other rules that you should follow are as follows:

1. Find a table that suits your bank balance and budget

If your bankroll is small then you can do research about the type of casino that you want to play in blackjack. The research will help you decide which table will suit your bankroll.

Some casinos also provide free games. You can decide during this time which casino is correct for you.

2. See the table in which dealer stands on soft 17

Try to find tables in which the dealer stands on soft 17. This helps to cut the house edge. It also makes it easier for you to win the game.

3. Choose a table that gives you the option of double down

This rule helps you to lower down the house edge. There are some casinos that help you to double down on 10 or 11. There are also some cards that help you to double down on any two cards that you choose.

If you use this blackjack betting strategy correctly then you can earn a lot of money.

4. Have your limits set in the game

Make sure that you set the amount that you wish to play with. Stick to the amount throughout the game. If you are on a losing streak in the blackjack betting game then do not try to alter the bet.

This will help you to not lose more money than what you can afford in blackjack betting in the long run.

5. Plan out a strategy that you will use when you play blackjack

A blackjack strategy will help you to win in the long run. You can ensure that you earn more money than you bet in the game. Strategies like Martingale and Paroli are among the best blackjack strategy.

These blackjack strategies are based on mathematical calculations. They will help you to recover most of your losses in the game.

However, they might not work for you if you have a smaller bankroll. They can only work for you if you have enough money to bet.

When should you increase your bet in blackjack?

If after getting the first two cards you are very confident that you will defeat the dealer then you can increase the bet. You can in fact double the bet amount.

It varies from casino to casino. At times you also get the chance to increase the amount to more than 2 times. This is one of the best ways to win at a blackjack casino.

However, do not be too overconfident.


Make sure that you use the strategy that matches your bankroll. One more important thing to note is that you should choose whichever suits you the best. Look at the situation at the casino and then make a bet. Do not be greed to earn too much if you are on a losing streak.

You can win only if you do research beforehand about certain strategies.