blackjack variants

Blackjack is one of the most popular types of table games played in casinos, widely known for its vast Bitcoin value weekly cashback. This is mainly because of the minimal house edge of the game, the ease of grasping the game’s rules, and because beginners can play too, without making too many mistakes.

Players often get bored with the routine blackjack game, and the creators understanding this invented various blackjack variants to make the game more fun.

Several blackjack variations are offered in both physical and online casino games discussed in several helpful casino guides. Here, we will be discussing some of the blackjack variants.

We will try to make it as comprehensive and straightforward as possible for people who don’t understand many casino terms and gambling jargon.

1. Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is one of the most popular variations of Blackjack. It requires that the players place bets at the same time, on two hands. The lowest posted bet at the blackjack switch can sometimes be deceitful. The players involved will have to place two bets that are a minimum amount to get dealt in the hand.

Players can switch from one of their hands to the other or leave them as they were dealt with. In blackjack switch, double down can be permitted before and after splitting, as well as re-splitting of aces. Only even money is paid in Blackjack.

Blackjack rules allow the player to do what is referred to as a classic cheating manoeuver, which is trading cards between two hands. The basic strategy requires that the player place two bets of the same size and is permitted to switch the second card that is dealt with either hand. There has to be a trade-off for anything useful. In this situation, a dealer 22 results in a push against all non-busted hands, making blackjacks pay even money.

2. Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack is a variation of Blackjack that offers players free double downs on 9, 10, and 11. It is possible for players to also freely split on whatever pair that does not equal 20. A free double down after freely splitting is also acceptable. Consequently, in exchange for the flexible rules, the dealer can push any live hand if 22 is obtained.

The twist to Free Bet is that the player must not put his own money at risk when splitting or, often, doubling. It is just like playing with a generous friend present at the table, making the bets, and allowing you to keep the winnings. The catch here is that if the dealer gets a 22, all the side bets still standing push.

The basic strategy for Free Bet Blackjack is straightforward, and it offers more splits and doubles than traditional Blackjack. Players who find traditional blackjack rules difficult may find Free Bet Blackjack simple.

3. Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is also another variant of blackjack games, and it was one of the earliest blackjack variations. It used to be in Las Vegas but disappeared for years and was later reintroduced to Venetian and Palazzo. It is also quite popular in casinos around Pennsylvania and Atlantic City.

Having a double down after splitting and on any number, card is allowed, even when players are done hitting. In Spanish 21, players can surrender after their double down or double rescue. Aces can be re-split and hit. The winning hand is 21. For making a five-card 21, 777, and 687, there are bonus payouts. For these player-friendly rules, the trade-off is that 10’s are eliminated from the deck.

In recent years, Spanish 21 has encountered revivals. However, the rules are no longer as flexible as they used to be. By most standards, Spanish 21 is a challenging game to learn, and the basic strategy is very different from other variations of Blackjack.

4. Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is mostly spread in a single deck format or double deck. The players can have the number of cards double down, even after splitting. The split aces can be re-split or hit. Surrendering is possible at any time, even after players have hit or doubled down. Usually, Blackjack wins, but it only makes even payments, except it is a face and ace of diamonds. In that case, the player is paid a 2-1.

Super Fun 21 is one of the variants played using the standard 52 decks. Depending on the value that will benefit the player’s hand, aces can either be counted as one or eleven. The face cards in the deck all count as ten, and the remaining cards, valued at face value. The player is required to place a bet first and is dealt two facing up cards. The dealer is also dealt his first two cards. However, one of the cards is face up and the other face down. The player can decide to request another (hit) or decline additional cards (stand). The hand of the player must beat that of the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without exceeding 21.

5. Most Liberal 21

Most Liberal 21 is only spotted in a casino in downtown Las Vegas. It used to be available for play in Las Vegas before it closed in August 2015.

Most Liberal 21 blackjack variants have a good house edge and allow players to double down on any number of cards. Surrendering is also allowed, even after drawing. It is possible for aces to be split and re-split as well as hit. Double down after aces split is also allowed. A higher or five-card automatically wins. Blackjack games pay only even money, except suited. It then pays 2-1.

Players of Most Liberal 21 are dealt two cards each, either fax up or face down as demanded by the casino and table. Usually, the dealer is also dealt two cards, one revealed and the other hidden. However, in some other cases, the dealer is only dealt with one exposed card. The value of the cards from 2 to 10 is their pip value. The value of a hand is the total of the card values. To improve their hands, the players are permitted to draw additional cards. A hand with an ace with a value of 11 is referred to as “soft,” which means that it will not bust if the hand takes on an additional one. The ace value will become one so that the hand will not exceed 21. If not, it will be referred to as “hard.”

6. War Blackjack

War Blackjack is beyond a game itself; it is more of a side bet, even though it does not initially seem that way. A player can place bets on whether his first card up beats that of the dealer’s door. Ace for this purpose is low. The dealer of the game wins all ties. A player can use either cap the blackjack bet with the war blackjack wager if it wins.

War Blackjack is a blackjack variation that offers a unique side bet that plays into the hand. The game begins just like a typical blackjack game. In the betting circles, the players make a wager. There are two different bets, traditional Blackjack and the War Blackjack side bets. Players have to make a blackjack wager; the side bet for the War Blackjack is optional.

Players interested in the war blackjack bet can play at another table in any casino, considering that the game may be slower than typical blackjack game variants but with a good house edge. It is evident that the rules are also not as favorable. The dealer begins by dealing each both to the players and to the dealer. All cards dealt are exposed. The side bet’s determinant is one card, which is the first of the two that will be dealt with and then played in the traditional blackjack hand.

7. Face Up Blackjack

Face Up Blackjack is one of the various names used in describing a blackjack game where the cards are dealt face-up, with an inclusion of that of the dealer. This puts the player at an advantage. However, there are casino rules involved. The rules may differ from one casino to the other, but generally, the players may double down only on 10 and 11 and not after a split. Typically Blackjack pays even money and, in most instances, wins on a tie. The dealer has all other times as wins.

Bottoms Up Blackjack was dealt in Las Vegas casinos once. This was in 2014, and it said the last time it was dealt there. At casinos in Primm on the Nevada and California border, it is still spread and some online casinos.

It is essential to properly read the Face Up Blackjack strategy before sitting at a table. There are apparent differences between the playing methods of a Face-Up Vegas strip Blackjack game and a traditional one.

8. Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack is available in Atlantic City casinos. These blackjack variants use the Spanish 21 number of decks, which means no tens in it. There are typical rules for the game except that a player may make his initial bet double after seeing the door card of the dealer.

Double Attack Blackjack is a version of Spanish 21 that offers more money on a blackjack and permits the casino player to make their initial wager double after sighting the dealer’s face-up card. The game as well gives a bonus side bet called buster. However, the bet has to be made before the dealer stands his upcard and pays out, depending on the card counter. The bet can only pay off if the dealer has a buster in the third card counting.

9. Zombie Blackjack

Zombie Blackjack is available in Las Vegas. If the game’s dealer shows a 7, 8, 9, 10, face, or ace, the bet automatically does not lose. If the dealer busts the hands, it is paid. However, 22 can make up for the rule as a push.

In Zombie blackjack, the idea is that if the dealer stands aces up with a 7, and the player then busts, he still stands a chance of winning. If the dealer busts, like a zombie, it will come back to life and be paid even money. If the push 22 rule is in place, whereby the dealer busts with the number, the non-busted player hands, will push excluding blackjacks.

10. Down Under Blackjack

Down Under online blackjack game is a blackjack version that lets the player know the range of the dealer’s hole when it is showing at ten, face, or ace. The dealer will indicate that the card counting is low, which means two to five, medium, six to nine, high, meaning a ten or ace. This makes the player decide whether to hit or stand on questionable hands. The rule applies to Down Under Blackjack.

Down Under online Blackjack allows the players to play against the dealer knowing one card as something about the card “down under.” Specifically, the dealer will let them know if the down card is small, medium, or significant. Often, if the dealer has 22 points, the player left standing push instead of winning.

11. Zappit Blackjack

Zappit Blackjack is a typical online blackjack with a significant change of rule. A player who dealt with a soft 17 multi-hand can decide to discard the first two cards and draw a new hand. It is crucial for players to always trade for new hands when soft 17 are dealt. The exchange for this player-friendly rule involves the house pushing if the dealer draws 22 on either hand. A player may decide to double down after splitting and on any two cards.

In Zappit Blackjack, if the player obtains a soft 17, based on the rules, he can then zap the hand and have it replaced with random cards. This rule can be offset if the dealer wins or obtains a 22; all the side bets left standing will push instead of winning.

12. Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is played just like every other Blackjack except that it offers extra perfect pairs side bet. This side bet must match your initial bet, and players can win the side bet after getting dealt a pair.

This type hardly counts as a blackjack variant because it is just a side bet that is available with a slightly high house edge, at 6%. This side bet can be ignored entirely, and players can just play regular Blackjack at tables of perfect pairs in the casino.

13. European Blackjack

European Blackjack is another variant of Blackjack. It is played in a similar pattern as the traditional game, but with a significant difference. The dealer is not given a hole card until after the player has acted. This changes the decision for the player concerning double downs 11 against a 10 and splitting 8s. This is how European Blackjack is typically dealt with in a lot of online casinos. For American blackjack players, it is only available online. There are regulated games offered by the resorts of Atlantic City.

Unlike American Blackjack, European Blackjack uses six decks and not a single deck blackjack for the game. The number of decks is shuffled together before dealing every hand, and the dealers are not given a hole card. Dealers have to hit on a hand containing an ace that is summed up to 17. If the player’s hand loses to European Blackjack, then the forfeited bet is only the mandatory bet that was made initially, as well as the other optional side bets that will be pushed and returned.

14. Pontoon

Pontoon is another online casino blackjack game with a good house edge that makes use of blackjack theory but is dealt with using several rule variations. The player received two cards, while the dealer only receives an up card after the player acts. The player has to hit until the hand is a minimum of 15. Basically, a pontoon is a blackjack, which refers to an ace and a face.

Pontoon pays 2-1. Although, if it occurs after splitting, it is still referred to as a pontoon. The player can decide to double down on 2, 3, or four cards in the game. It is also allowed after splitting. Aces may be re-slit, as well as hit and doubled down.


Online Blackjack comes in a variety of types, with several rules guiding the game. Blackjack variants can have a significant difference from other types, based on how the dealer hits soft 17 and how Blackjack the dealer has to play his hand, as well as the available options the player has. Other online blackjack variants card game and deck game feature specific rules that are relevant enough to earn them their names.

A lot of these blackjack games offer interesting house edge, bonus payouts, and side bets for specific hands. At times the player blackjacks are allowed to make changes to the nature of the game by letting the player see the Blackjack the dealer as well as his hole card or permits the player to play multi-hand and switch cards from either hand.

Typically, when casinos give, it takes in return. Usually, this takes the outlook of a reduced payout on a natural, the payouts of even money on blackjack games are common in most of the variants. Strategy decisions like surrender rule, stand on soft 17, and others vary depending on the options of the game.