boomanji slots

Boomanji sounds like Jumanji, but not as ominous as you would think unless you lose all your money, which is unlikely because you are a smart player. Boomanji is a five-reel, ten-payline non-progressive online video slot game. The Boomanji slot game plays from left to right according to your typical slot game and also from right to left. The latter makes it even much more interesting, a testament to the brilliance of Betsoft. I am sure you have noticed that so far, slot games play from left to right. Boomanji has exquisitely-coded graphics that make for a fiery and attention-grabbing display. Boomanji is unique because it consists of a reduced number of paylines and pays both ways. The Boomanji slot game is an invitation to activate your buccaneering spirit and go on adventures, with each spin feeling like a mysterious quest into the unknown, where at the end of the day, you get awarded real money.


There are terms that you need to familiar with when you are playing in an online casino: viz:

  • Payline

When you play the Boomanji slot game, you will come across ten paylines that will provide multiple opportunities for you to achieve winning combinations with each turn of spin.

You can expect excellent rewards with Boomanji slots when you spin the reels and get the three fireworks rockets because they are the highest paying symbols.

  • Wild Symbol

The expanding wild symbols are practically the only bonus feature that this game has to offer. What this means is when you achieve a wild in your spin, the wild symbol will fill one reel by augmenting vertically and also award a free spin. Free spins are one of the most crucial features of any online slot. The bonus here is that the wild stays even for the re-spin, and if you get another wild, you achieve another free spin. That said, the expanding wild symbol is only limited to three reels, that is, the two, three, and four.


When you play Boomanji, the coin denominations are 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05, and 0.02. Typically, your chances of winning increase when you bet higher for every payline; it’s a rule of thumb in betting.

Choose Coin

Bet Per Line

Paylines: Adjust the number of live paylines (not recommended).

Spin: Play at the chosen bet.

Max Bet Spin: Play at ten coins per line.


In order to bet, a player must use the -/+ buttons at the lower half of the slot display. If you get a matching combination from left-to-right or right-to-left, you’ll receive the amount shown in the paytable.

Betting Options and Payouts

Observably, the most significant amount that players can win is 2500 credits, which for matching five of the winning symbols. On the other hand, the lowest figure that the players can win is 50 credits, which is for matching three of the winning symbols. Moreover, the highest and lowest coin worth that a player can wager on a payline is 0.50 and 0.02. The maximum and minimum coins per line pendulate between 1 and 10 coins. This feature will grant you the capability to make comfortable bets when the reels are spinning. Furthermore, you can also choose to click the maximum bet for even greater rewards. As a general rule to playing Boomanji, you have to match at least three symbols on a live payline to get a payout.


If you want to make some real money, pay close attention to three fireworks rockets because they are high-reward symbols. When you do hit a Wild Crate of Fireworks, it will enlarge across the entire reel, and if you have achieved any winning permutations, you get a free respin with the wild (or wilds) held in position.


While Betsoft has outdone themselves in terms of all the bells and whistles that a video slot would have, it has missed the mark on a key thing- a notable bonus feature. Speaking of bonuses, check out this Bitcoin weekly cashback. The best strategy for this game is triggering the free spins feature. If when spinning the free spins and you still land more wild symbols, you will retrigger the free spins feature. When you turn the free spins, you will land more symbols, thus retriggering the free spins. Nonetheless, BetSoft has done a great job with Boomaji in virtually all sections of the game, particularly when it comes to the animations and the game speed. Betsoft remains one of the top game makers in the industry.

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