Double Bonus Poker

Poker is an extensive popular indoor activity in western countries. Poker is also gaining popularity nowadays in the eastern part of the world. This game was invented as an inside family game. Family and friend members used to play this source of amusement together at the family meetings. 

Pokers have a lot of varieties- a double bonus is one of them. This entertainment activity is too famous among poker lovers. As the hands in this game can earn you a lot, so every poker addict must try this awesome game. But all of the standard poker players may not be habituated to double bonus poker. Here we will show you the most straightforward path of learning double bonus poker. 

How to Start

Starting the double bonus poker game in an online or offline mode is apparently similar in various ways. But in the online process, you may get some instructions from the system software but is not available in offline casinos. As the double bonus poker is an activity of cards, so you should have a clear idea about the deck of 52 cards first. The players are ranked as per the combination of cards. 

The main difference of this game with the bonus poker is that double bonus poker pays exactly double the bonus poker at the winning sequence. So you have to start with the basic combinations. In spite of having many conventional sequences, you may think of your unique ones. It will assist you in understanding the basics as well as you can use that in difficult situations.

Secondly, if you know the bonus poker, you are a step ahead, although the same approach will not work as the double bonus poker pays much less for two pair combos. At the initial stage of your gambling, it is advisable to play Straight. You can get five coins for a single coin bet sometimes in the Straight. 

Main strategy

As it is a video poker or better to say jack game, each and every hand can get you double of your money. Actually, the selected four hands can give you the ultimate profit. The best and the prime strategy of double bonus poker lies in the combinations. 

More combinations, you know, more advantages you have. Many poker experts have invented their own strategic road maps. There are many combinations-

  • Four different cards- If you have at least one card of each type, then there is a high possibility of your jackpot.
  • Three aces- You can definitely gain a good hand with three aces.
  • Three kinds- It is also deliberately helpful when you are in trouble, a bunch of three different kind cards can get you a lot.
  • Two pair- Two pair is also a top-ranked strategy in double bonus poker.
  • Jack and queen suited- Suit represents the main division in the card decks. Suited jack and queen is also considered a good strategy.
  • Two heavy cards suited- A suit of two good cards can also benefit you to win games of double bonus poker.
  • KQJ off suit- Often some offsuit cards can be well utilized. King Queen Jack can be used in this way.

All of these possibilities depicted here are constructed upon a theoretical approach. So it may have a few variances when applied on practical application.


It is really an interesting thing in this circle of double bonus poker. It is actually an icon on the screen that shows you the payoffs. You can know of the best payoff of the game. Normally in a royal flush, the turn of 800 to 1 stays the highest payoff. All the hands of payoff are visible on the paytable.

Payback percentage

It is also an awesome feature of the double bonus poker. This trait truly estimates the results of the game. If you participate in a game for a short period, then you may have the results misleading. But for a long-lasting match, payback percentage assessments are absolutely perfect. It can predict the amount of your return amount from the game. So you can just check the payback percentage before participating in a new match. It will be a real benefit. Correct strategies on the practical game may match the result as predicted by the payback percentage.

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How to obtain 100% RTP in double bonus poker

RTP stands for a return to the player. Whenever you ate depositing money, you are expecting to have that amount back. It is the general scenario. But the RTP properly depends on the nature of the game you are playing. 

If you are participating in an online double bonus poker, then you can never acquire full RTP. The system is designed in such a way. Many offline casinos are also implementing this feature in their house as full RTP typically depicts 100.2% payback. So it is a pure loss for the casino owner. But there are certainly some other ways following which you can obtain 100% RTP. 

The maximum bet can earn you a good profit sometimes. If you are confident enough on the hand available, you can definitely use the highest bet.

4 or 3 number of royal cards can be the optimum solution for your hand and can get you a good return of money. It is practiced by expert double bonus poker enthusiasts.

You can study the paytable minutely to get the perfect win variation. Observation is the key in this particular case.

Always try the full returning video poker games. It can lead you to your destiny of 100% RTP.

In the most traditional way, a straight flush or royal flush can be an advantage. But you must have the exceptional fate of having these high cards((King, Queen, Jack, Ace).

In a personal session, RTP can vary a lot. The RTP of the game can not be determined through the RTP of an individual game. So it is better not to gamble a lot of amount in the single breaks.

Online casinos have a higher rate of RTP comparing to offline casinos like in pubs, motels, bars, etc. So try your luck in the online ones at the very first stage of your gambling.

These are the basic tricks or guidelines for getting the total RTP. But all of the above, you have to be well experienced in the hands and have a good idea of the game double bonus poker. Combining all the above information, you can get a clear idea about acquiring 100% RTP.

Useful tricks

Poker is undoubtedly a game of trick stars, and double bonus poker is no exception. If the cards play on your palm, then no one can restrain you from the win. All the high payback percentage earners have a piece of good knowledge of the cards. Here are some common draws which are helpful to the novice gamer-

  • Type 1 straight flush- If you have the same or higher number of high cards than the normal gaps, you can play an open-ended flush. It is called the first type of straight flush.
  • Type 2 straight flush- In this case, King and Queen precede the sequential arrangement of the number cards. It can be of any of the four suits.
  • Type 3 straight flush- Here number of cards gets more important as the flush is created by the array of the number of cards only.

Flush is an outstanding hand for getting a good draw. Straight flush and royal straight flush are absolutely mind-blowing orders if you are able to make it.

Play online

If you are a novice in this fantastic game, then surely you require huge practice to be a pro poker player. But it is not always possible to play double bonus poker in the casino; in these cases, online poker games are the ultimate solution you have. 

The rules of the hands are as same as the offline ones. You will have all the icons listed on the screen. The AI of the application will help you to choose the perfect combination of cards to get a good jackpot. 

It can hold the cards as per the basic strategy of the double bonus poker game. There are many websites that allow users to try the game for free. No, any registration is required there. 

Some Online Double Bonus Poker Games

You can get numerous sources of poker games on the internet for practicing the double bonus poker. Some of them have quality RTP also.

Double bonus poker This application can yield a 100% RTP, but that specific version of the game is not easily available. The conventional game has an RTP of 99.9%, which is definitely good for a newcomer.

Deuces wild card game It is the highest-grossing online double bonus poker game. The RTP can rise up to 100.78%. The specialty of this application is that it allows you to have 4 wild cards in hand.

Jacks or better casino It is the very first online game in the field of double bonus poker. Different pay tables are available to get a comprehensible idea of the flow of the game.

This is a clear cut road map for the beginner gamblers who target a good return from the casinos. So do not waste your time, just get the idea of the game, chalk out a plan, and start gambling.