El Torero slot

You may have seen and played a lot of animal-featured Bspin slot games in the casino gaming world, talking about different slots games. However, you are yet to try is the amazing, classical, and fun-filled Spanish-themed El Torero Online Slots Game.

The El Torero slot game provided by Reel Time gaming company is a simple yet amazing Spanish toreador-themed online slot game that stands unique amongst other traditional slot machine games in the casino game world.

The slots game features an animated, countryside, and Spanish background, and also features fascinating Spanish symbols.

So, if you have what it takes to join the Matadors in tricking the bull, get in on this slot game immediately!


• El Torero: This means the brave bullfighting man in Spanish, i.e., the bullfighter.

• Wild Symbol: The role of the Wild Symbol is to replace the other symbols and form winning pay lines.

• Scatter Bonus Symbol: This represents the raging bull.

• Sticky Wild: This appears when you unlock free bonus spins round.

• Card Gamble: This is one of the mini-games features that the El game awards when you land on a winning pay line as you spin.

• Ladder Gamble: This is the second mini-game feature that the El Torero awards at the end of a winning spin.


El Torero is quite easy, just like when learning how to play Medusa Slots and every other game. All the player needs to do is spin the reels to commence playing the online slot game.

Every game session features 5 reels spins three rows and 10 paylines. When the player clicks “spin” on their device, they watch the reels spin and wait to see where it will land.

If you land on three identity slot symbols on a pay line, you earn some prize according to what is shown on the pay stack.


  • Before you commence your game session on the machine, you have to check out the value of each symbol character on the paytable. When you have familiarized yourself with the paytable and its content, you then place your bet on the slot machine.
  • Proceed to click “SPIN” on the screen to start.
  • When the initial spin has landed and elapsed, the Autoplay slot machine feature is automatically triggered and continues spinning till it stops randomly.
  • If you spin and get a combination of matching symbols in twos, threes, fours, or fives from the left side of the reel, you earn a winning. Your winning will be highlighted on your screen, and you would get your earnings in real money in your account.
  • The El Torero/Matador character is another symbol you want to look out for too. This symbol can earn you 1000 coins real money when you get 5 of the symbols in a winning combination.
  • When you play El Torero, you get two special bonus features: free spins and mini-games. To earn the free spins feature, all you have to do is get three or more scatter symbols (the raging bull).
  • The Free Spins bonus will continue to spin until all the free spins are exhausted. When they are exhausted, the player earns the total real money accumulated during the Free Spin bonus.

El Torero slot gameplay

Betting Options

The minimum bet value on the Torero El machine is €0.01 (in real money), while the maximum bet value is €20 (in real money).


Payouts are easy and straightforward. The symbols all represent payout values, and while 6 of these symbols have the highest payout values (with the fan symbol has the highest payout value), the remaining symbols (A, Q, J, 10, and K) have low payout values.

A player can earn a prize value between 10 and 1000, and all the winnings earned across the different paylines are added together to make the sum of the player’s total round winnings.


As earlier stated, it’s quite easy to play El Torero, and all you need to do is be on the lookout for high-value symbols floating around the reels. As soon as you have them on the reels, make sure you stop the spinning instead of waiting for it to stop randomly.


Before you commence on the El Torero, you need to ensure that the internet connection on your device functions properly, as malfunctioning of the device or network connection can disturb the game and render all your plays and winnings void.


Although the El Torero Slot Game might not be as flashy as other slot games are, its traditional Spanish theme gives it an amazing look and feel. Asides from the color, brilliance, 2D graphics, sounds, and beautiful symbols, the El Torero Slot Game offers adrenaline-pumping entertainment and great winnings, and awesome Bspin casino promotions.