Faerie Spells slot

Betsoft Gaming is one of the most prominent creators of online casino games and 3D slots. Asides from their highly reputed 3D slots, they also have table game options for poker, roulette, blackjack, and poker. Most online casinos showcase many of these games, including Faerie Spells slots.

Faerie Spells is one of the most creative slot machines created by Betsoft Gaming and one of their most recent. The slot, which was released in 2019, has remarkably grown in reputation within the online casino gaming world. The game might not teach how to turn into a fairy or know how to become a fairy potion brewer, but there are woodland spirits and tree guardians. The setting of the game in an enchanted forest features a dragonfly, a wand, a tree, some wisps symbols, and of course, faeries, and you try your luck to make some money from spinning the reel and getting jackpot recipes to win jackpot prizes.

Terminologies in Faerie Spells

To play faerie spells without difficulties or confusion, just like when learning how to play Medusa Slots, you have to be able to interpret the terms and symbols used in the game.

  • Magic toadstool treasures: these treasures come with cash prizes when there is a Faerie Queen on the same reel. When you have three or more magic toadstool treasures anywhere on your reels, you get monetary bonuses.
  • The Faerie Queen: What is a faerie-themed game like Faerie Spells without a Faerie Queen? These spell fairies uncover the rewards and take players where the jackpot spells are. You can get 10, 15, or 25 free spins when you have three, four, or five Queen Faeries, respectively, on your reel.
  • Wild Symbol: it is an enchanted forest shape that can stand as any symbol except the Faerie Queen.
  • Jackpot: There are four progressive jackpots with their meters to the left side of your screen. The amount of money you win depends on the level of the jackpot. To win, you have to fill the jackpot’s meter with its corresponding symbols – the jackpot recipes. The four different levels of the jackpot game are Riches, Wealth, Luxury, and Plenty. The Riches jackpot takes the highest number of symbols – nine, while Wealth requires eight. The Luxury and Plenty meters take seven symbols. A jackpot game only happens in a Faerie Queen Free Spin.
  • Free spins: There are various ways to obtain them, including having three or more spell faeries on a reel – the Faerie Queen Free Spin. The free spins and Bspin casino promotions consist of unique reel sets and symbols.
  • Scatter: one of the best things that can happen to you as a slot player is the Scatter. It unlocks fun features, multiplies rewards, and free spins. It is a diamond sign.
  • Autoplay: A button for automating your spins for a pre-set number of times at the bottom right of your screen
  • Double Up Fairies Magic spells: this is when you choose to gamble your winnings. You could stack all your winnings or just a part of it. You risk losing it all, but you also stand the chance of earning big.

Rules of Faerie Spells

The game is quite easy to play for anyone that has never tried out a slot game before, but there are specific rules in the game. Post your bet, click on the spin button and watch the magic happen as you get a combination of wisps symbols.

On the ten pay lines, you have to match up three symbols, and your bet is going to be multiplied by 5. When you match up to five symbols, cast the spell, and you have your bet multiplied by 100.

The rules get some kinks, however, with the special rules.

  • You should note that there are wild symbols that can replace other symbols except the special symbols.
  • Magic toadstools that get rewarded with instant cash prizes.
  • Scatter symbols can get you up to 25 free extra spins when you get them. The scatter symbols explode when you get a scatter win during the free spins, new symbols replace them, and you could be winning a reasonable sum of money. They only appear during the Faerie Spells Faerie Queen Free Spins.
  • The diamond symbol stands as the Scatter. It multiplies your win by 100.
  • The Queen Faerie gives the free spins.
  • You can only win a jackpot in a single wager and cannot be won with a Free Round Bonus.

Fearie Spells slot gameplay


Once you load the Faerie Spells slot, you will be graced with an interface with a very beautifully enchanting theme with an equally befitting and serenading background music to accompany it. The symbols are artistically crafted too.

The interface has five reels and ten pay lines, and there are different reels and symbols for the free spin rounds. There are 1024 possible winning combinations in the Faerie Spell.

You click on one of the betting options offered at the bottom of your screen. If you wish to change your stake, you can adjust your bet per spin using the “+” and “-” signs to toggle between 0.10 and 10.00.

At the bottom right of the screen, there are two circular arrows within a large cream button for spinning the reel and a smaller button with similar circular arrows around a triangle to automatically spin the reel for the number of times you set – up to 100 spins.

There is a mute button you cannot miss – if you want to play without the sound of the fairy’s spells and chants – and other buttons to view the paytable, purchase a feature, or even play the double-up game when you have completed a successful spin.

Betting options in Faerie Spells

The minimum bet possible in the Faerie Spells slot is 0.10 credit, while the maximum bet you can make is 10.00 credits, which correspond to 0.01 and 1 per pay line since there are ten pay lines. You can vary the bet after each spin.


To new players who may not feel the need to develop a strategy, you would most likely lose more than you win. Developing an approach to playing is essential if you want to make money and make the video poker game more interesting. Although the game is based on chance, there are ways you can help yourself reduce your losses and increase your profits.

The first element of a strategy to deploy to win in the Faerie Spells is to disavow any fallacy or myths that would not contribute to your chances of winning and get a rational or more plausible understanding of the game style that can help you win. One such myth is the thought that you are due to win after you have played for a while. You should note that each spin of the reel in the Faerie Spells game is independent of the previous spin, so your chances of winning are fairly the same.

To develop your playing style, you should note if you are patient or not, willing to spend big or not, and how long are you hoping to play for.

Payouts in Faerie Spells

You stand the chance of enjoying huge payouts on Faerie Spells on your desktop or mobile devices. Its highly flexible stake makes it easy for novices and pros to stake as little as $0.20 to $1,000. You could win a payout of up to $25,00 in the base game.

Faerie Spells is one of the first games to feature a Signature Shared Jackpot system to share your jackpot with other games participating in the system. This process creates enormous potential for you to enjoy high payouts.


Summarily, Faerie Spells gives you an enchanting experience in a magical game world of fairie queens, woodland spirits, and tree guardians. It has the potential to make you win big.