Gold Rush Wheel

If playing online casino games is your favorite pastime, then you probably already know that online casinos are full of a ton of slot machine games. There’s nothing wrong with that – in fact, a ton of people prefer to try their luck with the reels. There are so many different slots games online – let’s be real here. Indeed, you won’t find yourself in any sort of a shortage when it comes to casino slots, as we are willing to bet that you will find them wherever you look. Whether online or in actual casinos, reels will continue to spin. So how do you know which games are better?

One of the many slot machine games you can play is Gold Rush Wheel (or to keep it short, Gold Rush). Gold Rush slot can be played online, where you can bet with real cash if you prefer. You can also just play casually, with no money at all involved. So if you’re concerned about blowing all your money on spins, you need not fret. There are ways for you to get your rush without spending any money at all.

So what makes Gold Rush different from other casino slots? Well, it has a number of different features.

Gold Rush Wheel slot game makes use of an old Western prospector theme. There are three total reels, with five slots each. In total, you get 15 different symbols on your screen. The prospecting theme comes with appropriate music and graphics, so you really feel like you’re hunting for golden nuggets out in the old west. Each slot will have a chance to roll 1 of 10 different symbols. You don’t have to get all the symbols in 1 row – all you need is to get a minimum of 3 matching symbols (on any of the 3 reels) in a row. You can get a bonus win if there is another possible combination within 1 spin. Simply put, you have many chances for bonus winnings – so place your bets!

It’s also worth noting that one of the features of this game is the fact that there is a wild card. If you get a wild card in one of your spins and it’s in a series of 2 to 5 of the same symbol, you can win! Wild cards are a fantastic way to get a bonus win as well.

We know you’re raring to play Gold Rush, so let’s take a look at how Gold Rush Slot is played.

How to Play Gold Rush

Gold Rush Slot is a high volatility slot machine game available for you to play online. High volatility means payouts happen less often, but you do have higher chances to win big in a shorter period of time. Plus you get bonuses! Here’s how to play:

Gold Rush is a really simple slot game that doesn’t really require much knowledge. Like many other casino games, you have to place a bet before you can press to spin. You can bet the amount you choose and then click to spin (money isn’t always necessary here), after which you simply need to get 3 of the same kind in a row. 3 is the lowest match possible, and it also pays out the lowest. If you match 5 symbols, you get more winnings.

There are 10 different symbols in Gold Rush, each of them with their own corresponding payout values. Thus, matching certain symbols will net you more rewards than others. The highest paying symbol is the prospector, while the lowest paying is number 10. You can also roll dynamite, which is the wild card. As we’ve mentioned, getting the dynamite when in a sequence of the same symbols will allow you to win the appropriate prize. However, this wild card cannot be used to substitute for the golden nuggets or the scatter symbol.

*Gold nuggets are used during the bonus level in order to increase your points and level up your spins. Leveling up means you get more prospectors in the slots, which offers you higher chances for a bigger payout!

For your convenience, this online casino slot game has many settings that you can fiddle around with. There are auto-play options which you can set according to your preferences. There are also different settings you can adjust in order to fully customize this game to your needs.

Also for your convenience, this online casino game of slots also has all of the information that you need right within the game. Simply click on the “i” icon to get all of the rules, the legends, and the possible combinations. Plus you also get the instructions in there too. Has a casino slot game been any easier than this?

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Betting Options and Payouts

Gold Rush Slots is easy to play. The minimum amount you can bet is 25 cents, while the highest is 125 dollars. To change your bet, you need only to click on the plus or minus buttons on either side of the spin button. You can then adjust the amount of money you want to use for each of your spins. Yes, just like in any casino slots, you do have to make a bet to get a chance to win whatever possible amount back. With this slots game, it really is possible to strike gold – not something you can say with other non prospecting themed games in other casinos!

Final Thoughts

Casinos are stocked full of all sorts of slots and slot machine games. It would be really difficult to find a casino that doesn’t have any sort of slots in it – after all, slot games are some of the most popular worldwide. Gold Rush is just one of the many slots type games available for you to play on the internet. But it’s really fun – and you can strike gold or hit golden nuggets to increase your chances at bonus rewards!

If Gold Rush slot machines don’t hit the spot for you, perhaps you’d be more interested in a fruits and stars slot game.