Gladiator slot

Gladiator slot game is a Playtech video slot that has been around since 2008. The game takes players back to the gladiator times. It is based on a Gladiator film cast in 2000 featuring Russell Crowe.

The film is about a Spanish general who was serving in the great Roman army but was later banished from the army. He was then forced to become a gladiator. The movie received Oscar awards for the most beautiful pictures and graphics.

The Gladiator slot game has the best 3D graphics and videos. It also has impressive dramatic background music, which plays as the game continues. After winning, there is a short video of the old film which you will appreciate.

The gamers who have played it, review Gladiator with positive feedbacks.


The following are the most used terminologies in the gladiator slot:

  • Free spins: This is a case where a player is awarded extra reel spins on a similar wager
  • Pay lines: This is the combination of game symbols that fallouts a win on the slot.
  • Total bet: This is the total payouts after winning the slot.
  • Slot: This is simply the slot machine in different casinos.
  • Wild symbol: This is one of the two exclusive bonuses in the gladiator slot game.


  • Make sure your phone can support the game. If not, use a laptop or a PC.
  • The slot is played in 25 pay lines with a 3×5 reel formation.
  • Only the highest wins pay per line.
  • Win combinations pay from left to right.
  • Pay lines are multiplied by the line bet.
  • The Gamble feature only appears after winning the slots for real.
  • You can play Gladiator for free. Most online casinos offer Gladiator online free of charge, which will later influence you to get into the paid version.


Playing slots Gladiator on Bspin is quite easy. First, determine the amount you will use to place a bet. The game has 5 reels, 3 columns, and 25 paylines. The players have a chance of altering their coins and also increase their line bets.

You can start the game with a minimum of 1p per line, which means you must have 25p for all 25 pay lines. You can also play with as much as $59 per line.

The game has an Autostart button where you can start the spin. It closely follows the 200 award-winning Gladiator film. Just like Emperor Commodus was a main character in the movie, he is also an important symbol in the game, giving the best payouts. He awards 5000 coins per 5 symbols and 500 coins per 4 symbols.

Lucilla, Commodus’s sister, is the second one giving 1000 for the 5 symbols. Senator Gracchus is the third one awarding 350 for the 5 symbols while the mentors’ Proximo and Juba payout 20, 60, and 250 for 3, 4, and 5 symbols correspondingly.

Gamble feature

This feature only pops out after winning the online slot. It lets you gamble with your payouts. You are required to correctly guess whether the next card will be red or black. If you guess correctly, your payouts doubles, but if you guess incorrectly, your payout disappears.

The payouts can be doubled to a maximum of $1000.

There are other special symbols in the gladiator slots which include:

  • The scatter symbol

It is merely a picture of the Coliseum labeled ”scatter” at the bottom. It can appear on all 5 reels. You can only win if two or more of it appear in any of your spins. If three or more symbols appear on your screen, it can trigger the coliseum bonus.

  • The wild symbol

This is the helmet. It can appear if you hit anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4. It can substitute any symbol apart from the scatter symbol.

If it appears on all three reels on one spin, It can trigger the gladiator bonus. More information about the slot bonuses is discussed below. Only the highest win pays per line.

The great bonuses

If you are keen on winning, then Bspin casino bonuses offer great rewards. They include:

  • Coliseum bonus

This bonus is awarded when you hit three scatter symbols, the Coliseum symbol, or more. Start by selecting some stones on the bottom row to know your prizes. Each row has a different prize.

  1. The first row has free spins. Check it to see how many free spins you have been awarded.
  2. The second row has free games with multipliers. You can fivefold your total bet in this row.
  3. The third row has extra scatter symbols. The wins in this row can be impressive if you manage to attain it.
  4. The fourth row has extra wild symbols. The players can now opt to win different cash prizes.

If the Gladiator Emperor succeeds in hitting anywhere in the third reel, you will be awarded 3 extra free spins, which can give you a chance of winning big.

If you wish to retrigger the Coliseum bonus, then you have to hit three or more scatters. This can add you three or more extra free games.

  • The gladiator bonus

This is another fantastic bonus in the gladiator slot. It can stand in for any other symbol apart from the Coliseum symbol. You can get the bonus if you hit anywhere on reels 2,3 and 4. If you are in the progressive version, you have a chance of winning the gladiator slot jackpot.

The game picks nine random helmets on the screen of different prize values, which can either be gold, silver, or bronze. It multiplies your result in various sums. The biggest win you can attain is 45x your current stake in case you manage to get all the 9 gold helmets.

Betting options

The gladiator slot Playtech game has 5 reels, 3 columns, and 25 pay lines. It has various symbols which, when appropriately arranged, can add more money. The slot games also have free spins.


This online slot provides a fair game for the spins. There are no exact strategies to follow for you to win. All you have to do is to play sensibly to avoid losses.


The slot payouts are determined by how you arrange the symbols. Arranging the reels from an average of 9 to Ace icons can pay anywhere from 8x for 30AK to 200x for 50AK. It also depends on the different casinos’ payout.

The historical characters like Emperor Commodus and Lucilla and others also take part in the payouts but are worth much more, as discussed above.

There are other special symbols and bonuses in the gladiator slots, as explained above, which gives you a good chance of winning.

The gamble feature also gives you an opportunity to double.


Playtech developed an excellent slot for the online casinos. The slot has unique features, which include the best graphics, pleasant background music, and, most importantly, real money. Most players also review Gladiator with positive feedbacks.

There are also free casino slots Gladiator with free spins available at online casinos, which makes it one of the best slot games to have been developed.

Even though this game is very entertaining, please be careful not to lose your money. Always know the rules of the game and how it is played before attempting it in paid mode.

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