Horus Eye slot

The first two things that will pop up in most people’s minds when they come across the Horus eye slot will be the name of the Egyptian god, Horus, or one very mystical movie(that also involves Horus). If you have wanted to know all about the game, how it is played, the best strategy to it, rules and payouts, read on.

What is the Horus Eye Slot?

In simple terms, the Eye of Horus slot online is an Egyptian theme slot played in online casinos either on your phone or system. This bitcoin slot machine game has its origin from the ancient Egyptian god, Horus, who was known to have lost his left eye during a battle but fortunately got restored. This slot has its theme centered around this ancient Egyptian god whose restored eye is the first catchy thing that sells off the game.

Not so much is known about when the slot games started, but the only thing many people know is that this game came from ancient Egyptian mythology. This online casino slot game offers a lot of bonuses and goodies that would be worth every free play. You want to know what you stand to gain as you play the slot games and the delight that comes with this slot machine? read on!


  • Horus/ Wildcard symbol – This wild symbol is also called Horus and acts on the reel to cover three positions and also a stand-in for every symbol in the game except for the pyramid symbol.
  • Scatter Symbol- found at any point on an active pay line, and they are responsible for activating bonus games.
  • The eye of Horus symbol- Gives you access to multiplying your stake by 10.
  • Ladder gamble- It is a feature in the online slot games that helps you act on your stake either upwards or downwards.
  • Rtp- The amount paid out relative to the amount wagered in by the player.


The rules of the eye of this game are not so hard to familiarise with. If you know the Horus eye rule laid out, it will be easy to navigate the games and play smartly.

The total number of paylines for this slot is ten, and the number of reels is five.

The return to player is at a maximum of 96.31%

Each pay line has a minimum and maximum bet stake. The minimum is at £0.01while the maximum is at £2.00.

You need to match the symbols on the paytable before you can get a payout for any stake.


The Horus eye slot is pretty easy to play and doesn’t require much to learn to start winning, yet be careful of its volatility. First off, you need to stake your bet. There are so many betting options to choose from on each pay line. Some would prefer to go for the maximum bet and use all pay lines as this will give them more access to the bonus game with lots of goodies. You need to spin from the free spins available to see if you have matched the required symbols together. You will need at least three matching symbols on your active pay line to safeguard a payout.

Betting Options

Betting Options

This Horus eye game’s betting style is quite explicit as you only have to bet on just ten pay lines. Each pay line has a different value and can be selected randomly depending on the amount you want to wager. But whatever your stake may be, make sure to make use of all paylines ten available for you on the Horus eye even if the reels 5 are not all used.



Even after knowing how to play the Horus eye games theoretically, you could make a mistake and lose real money. In other not to be a victim of an unnecessary loss, start playing with the demo first and be familiar with the Horus eye world before putting in your real money. All the free spins in the demo slots of Horus eye are precisely the same as the primary account’s free spins. With the demo, it’s a win-win for you.


You can be sure of two things if you want to play Horus eye slot games. One of them is that the game is easy to understand, and the second is the massively encouraging layout. You should not be unaware that this Horus eye slot has a high RTP, which guarantees a maximum payout everyone will want to have. Plus, the base jackpot is just too good to be true.


If you want to forget anything about how to play Horus eye slot games, don’t forget these two tips because they would set you up to cashing out massively

1) The number of paylines 10 available should always be the same as the pay line you are playing.

2) The stakes you choose should matter to you because it is what sustains your game live in the slot.


Like the Dragon Kings slot game, the Horus eye slot games are an easy one that can be played seamlessly and smartly by following the instructions listed above. But remember that the best strategy to winning it big in this Horus eye is to start with demo money.