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It is not just important to know how to play blackjack, but you also need to aware of everything that comprises this highly rewarding game. Some blackjack lovers miss out on when they walk into any casino is the house edge in blackjack. House edge is a major factor bound to affect your game performance regardless of how skilled you are. If you want a big win, you won’t just consider the game but the casino you want to play in.

In this article, you will be exposed to what house edge means and how you can reduce it in blackjack. Plus, you also need to be well-informed on how best you can win. That is why all this information has been carefully outlined in the most simple way to enable your big win.

What is House Edge in Blackjack?

If you are familiar with blackjack, you already know that every casino has the upper hand over the player, which is mostly what makes betting against the dealer disadvantageous. This simply means that the house edge is the advantage the casino has over the player. Therefore, this house advantage is expressed in the form of a percentage that is then called the house edge.

In simpler terms, the house edge is a term used in the casino world that shows the upper hand that the casino has over every player mathematically in the long term. It is the advantage that shows a higher probability of the dealer winning every bet than the odds being in favor of players. So, if you think blackjack house edge, don’t picture a coin flip game; rather, a game with the dealer has the upper hand. For example, if a particular casino’s house edge is about 4% and a player wager about €50, the player will lose the percentage of that money, which is €2 whether or not you win or lose. So, anyway, the casino still makes from the money you wager.

Also, the house edge doesn’t prevent any form of wins. If you wagered €100 and made €300, you will only have to pay the dealer the house edge placed on the money you wager, not on your win. So, you must check out the blackjack house edge of different casinos and compare before launching out to play online or live.

House Edge

Percentage of the Blackjack House Edge

Blackjack is one game that has a very low house edge compared to other games, which means a lower percentage. Unlike some other games, the percentage placed on the blackjack house edge is just about 2-3%, and it differs for all casinos. Yet, when a player knows how to reduce it using a strategic play method, it will guarantee to play with a low house edge of about 0.5-1%. Also, players need to learn the blackjack odds and the strategy to help the player have a better chance of getting more returns than the dealer.

How to Reduce The Blackjack House Edge

There are so many ways to reduce the house edge or upper hand in blackjack. Some people even apply almost all such that the dealer goes below 0.5%, which is quite extreme.

1. Research on basic strategy 

The player will need to research a lot about the basic strategy and odds in the blackjack games. There is a blackjack gambling basic strategy chart used as a guide for both beginners and frequent players. From the chart’s player study, they will be confident enough to reduce the house edge and maximize profits and minimize losses, which is what all players want. They will also be able to calculate the hands for every card possibility through the chart.

This basic strategy card chart is a set of rules converted into a colorful chart that can be easily learned and remembered. This chart will serve as a guide to knowing how best to play your cards when it has been dealt and how to predict the hands that would win between the dealer and the player. So, no matter how cruel the player has been dealt with, a good understanding of the basic strategy of blackjack gambling will help to avoid playing the wrong cards or hands.

Even though the player is supposed to be disadvantageous by wagering first, lower hands for the dealer will turn the game to favor the player. No doubt, if every player strictly follows this blackjack strategy, the house edge they will be playing against will be about 0.17% for a single deck blackjack gambling game, and the percentage for an 8 deck game will be about 0.66%, which gives a better return than the regular 2% decrease. The basic strategy will also show the colored details of the dealer’s hand movement as the game progresses.

2. Check out other useful strategies. 

Various blackjack mathematicians have developed other strategies over the years that would surely help players reduce the house edge drastically in any casino and give them upper hands. One example is the composition-dependent strategy(CDS), which is a little bit advanced to the basic blackjack strategy. This strategy is for veterans and not for beginners since it requires more stringent rules that newbie might find it hard to understand. Yet, if a player follows the basic strategy, catching up will be easier with time.

The way it works is pretty simple. First, the player must understand that this strategy is not constant as it is subject to change tides as the game changes. Another thing that this strategy emphasizes is to hold the chart sheet as you play. Players should hold both the basic strategy chart and the CDS chart to help you juggle between both strategies as the blackjack gambling game unfolds. So, whether a player is playing blackjack insider on an online casino or live casino, adopting this method will reduce the house edge as they proceed.

3. Look through rule variations in all casinos. 

Rules vary from casinos to casinos, and the way to find out which rule would favor your aim to reduce the house edge is to make adequate findings. For example, suppose a casino game rule would permit a player to surrender early. In that case, an upper hand against the dealer’s hand is sure, which means a reduction in the house advantages in the Bitcoin blackjack games will be about 1.4%. Therefore, one way to guarantee the possibility of a reduction in the house edge and make a profit is to compare the casino rules and choose the most favorable.

4. Use the play conditions. 

Every rule set by the casino can be manipulated to favor the player only if they know how to go about it. If you are already aware of how to play and use the playing condition of the casino, you know to reduce the blackjack house advantage and play cards well, look through these possibilities.

  • Double down – In most recent casinos, a blackjack player doesn’t just get to double down the first two cards, but now you can do it on other sets of cards. This would help you reduce the house edge to about 0.2%, which is surely in your favor. So, either you double down the first two cards, or after a split, a decrease in the house edge is certain for the decks used.
  • Split aces: Depending on the casino and the decks in use, if any player hits two aces as the first cards, they can either draw one card or two cards. Drawing the aces will cause a decrease in the house advantage by 0.14%. Then, for whatever rule the casino will permit, if you further split aces, you have won another house edge decrease of about 0.06%
  • Late surrender: One very common blackjack playing condition that every casino has is late surrender. If players surrender late, they can either lose half of their bet or everything, depending on the dealer hole card. Interestingly, late surrender reduces that house edge to about 0.08%, which makes it safer to do to gain more.
  • Bonus payout: If any player gets a bonus payout of 3-2, i.e., they draw up an ace with a count card of number 10, they will reduce the house edge to 0.32% in the process.

5. Turn the number of decks to your advantage. 

According to the game rules, the number of decks has a major hold on the reduction in house edge. During single deck or double deck blackjack games, you have the opportunity to make the house edge favor your hand only if you know how to pull it off even in the short term. Fewer decks are most times to the advantage of the players as they will use the blackjack playing conditions to get the house edge to reduce. This is so because one card removal in a fewer decks blackjack game makes room for the game to turn to the player more than the dealer. So, it is better to use the fewer decks to your advantage as you get to lower the blackjack number house edge in the casino comps games.

Knowing all these on how to reduce the edge in blackjack, there are still some important factors to never leave out as you go to play your next game.

5 Ultimate Ways For an Effective Win in Blackjack

It is not enough to know how the house edge works in blackjack, this is good, but you also need to adopt some incredible ways to get a higher payout in blackjack.

  • Have a playing strategy

This is not just advice, but the exact skill-set players will need to turn the blackjack game odds in your favor. Blackjack players shouldn’t just be using the basic or advanced strategy, but a customized one developed from the player’s numerous researches. It is very important players don’t just follow the trend because other people are learning those procedures; they are also learning. Therefore, the best way to beat them and also the dealer is to develop a personal strategy from the general one. So, players will be adding more profits to your bank than to the dealer per hour.

  • Set a betting limit

This will require a higher level of discipline to work, but it will pay off if you set the limit. The betting limit will serve as a restraining mechanism for betting beyond budget, even if the casino odds are against you. So, before starting any blackjack game, make sure to check your bankroll to see the limit that would enable stability even after the game has ended. Also, do well to confirm the betting system of the game to know how their bankroll can fit into your budget.

  • Skill yourself up

More than players have ever had to do for any online casinos or live casino games; they need to do more for blackjack. Why is that? It is not just a fun game of luck but that of statistical intellectual prowess. If you can hone your skills properly before playing a blackjack game, the chances of you winning per hour are much higher than when you bank on luck. Even if they use card counting in online casino games, you would be confident enough to have the upper hand and win in the long run.

  • Understand the house edge very well

If players cannot reduce the house edge throughout the blackjack game, what other option do you think they have? It is definitely not many because the game already clearly stated the percentage the dealer will get for every wager. So, you shouldn’t assume the edge of the dealer will change, especially with card counting; rather, look for that which odds favors you before gambling

  • Don’t side bet

Instead of side betting, which involves insurance and higher house edge, read a lot and get familiar with the whole process of playing blackjack instead. This is better because you have a higher chance of winning alone rather than doing business with insurance betting that is more likely to drain your bankroll and leave you with a lower bankroll. Although the initial bet price for side bets are usually lower than the usual, it is still not a good choice to do anything aside from the norm that is bound to cost you your whole funds. Also, blackjack doesn’t readily support matchplay coupon, so players shouldn’t double wager if higher losses aren’t in the plan.


So you see, all that you need to get started in playing blackjack games successfully has been carefully explained in this and many other casino game guides. You just need to make use of not some but all these tips before rushing into that casino to start playing.

Note carefully that blackjack game rules vary for different casinos. Yet, these changes would not be enough to prevent you from applying these strategies to reducing the advantages of the dealer. Just make sure you know everything about the game you would be playing satisfactorily before attempting because the house edge always matters and is never the same. The bottom line is if you consider the above blackjack odds, house edge, and blackjack rules carefully, you will have fun winning blackjack games with little or no losses in the long term. You can also get your Bitcoin value weekly cashback here.

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