Dragon Tiger slots game

Dragon Tiger is a type of Baccarat game that has been seen in many online casinos. Some people say that the Dragon Tiger Baccarat resembles a casino war rather than Baccarat. The game is created by one of the best software developers, Evolution Gaming, who introduced their version of live Dragon Tiger. The company is known to provide the best user interface in the market.


Below are some of the terminologies you should know, there are a couple of more in the betting options:


In this case, the player should predict if the card will be either higher or lower than seven. If seven is chosen, the bet is lost.


It is not every table that offers this pair. As the option suggests, you need to predict whether the card chosen will be an odd or even number for you to win.


Just like the big/small pair, the seven will be a loss for both bets. The player should predict whether the card will be a black or red outcome to win.

Rules of the Game

  • Players can use a set standard of the card deck.
  • The cards are ranked the same as poker, but the aces are considered to be low in this case.
  • The first bet is usually on the hand that gets the highest value.
  • A single card is given to each of the Dragon and Player hands.
  • The first bet is on which hand will get the higher card.
  • The ace cards are the lowest while the 10, J, Q, and K cards are the highest in order.

Dragon Tiger game


The live dragon by evolution gaming is set in an elaborate environment having Chinese symbols. The Baccarat Tiger Game is quite easy to play; however, you will notice that it has higher odds than Baccarat. The set house edge is 3.73% on both results, and it’s much higher for the tie option with 32.77%. This means that with the 52 cards, there are 86,320 probabilities and 6,448 tie possibilities.

The Dragon Tiger usually involves a deck of standard 52 deck cards dealt on a regular blackjack shoe, also think of Pontoon. For the game to begin, the player will need to bet the dragon or the tiger. It is best if you learn how to play the Dragon Tiger game before you start to tie bet.

Betting Options

The betting options in the dragon gambling game is relatively straightforward. Below is a side bet you will find while playing a live Dragon Tiger.


Players can bet on a particular suit of cards; however, if they choose the seven, the bet will lose automatically. The house edge, in this case, is 7.69%, and the win is 3:1.

One Red/One Black

This live Dragon Tiger also offers side bets that win if one card is red and the other is black. A partial loss results in whatever the color of the cards.

Two Red/Two Black

A win ensues if both cards are predicted to be either red or black. If one of the cards is black, then a tie results. In this side bet, the edge is 3.73%.

Suited Tie

The Dragon Tiger bet wins if the tiger and the dragon are equal in both suit and rank. The edge, in this case, is 13.98% with a 50:1win margin.


  • You can as well bet on other side bets if they are allowed in the live casino you are playing at.
  • Learn how to play Sic Bo; it will help in this game as well.
  • The player is supposed to wager on which card will be the highest or if the game results in a tie.
  • You also have the option to bet on if the game will result in a tie.


You can use the Bspin casino bonus to earn some extra cash on this game. This increases your payout chances at this game. You might have to fulfill the wagering requirements before you can withdraw payouts earned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Dragon Tiger played?

To play the Dragon Tiger, let either the tiger win by choosing the cards with the highest value or let the dragon win. You can also find a tie bet.

2. What is Dragon Tiger?

A Dragon Tiger is a two-card game whereby two cards are drawn one for the tiger and the other for the dragon.

3. How can I beat the live dragon casino game?

You can beat the live dragon casino game by accurate prediction of the hand will have the highest outcome.


The best strategy to win live Dragon Tiger is to keep an eye on the statistics. Because the winning probability of winning depends on the statistics of the previous rounds, if you are not into the Baccarat casino games, then this is not for you, but still, a target can help.