Kiron Virtual Betting

Bitcoin casinos, like Bspin, offer all sorts of ways for you to have fun and fill your time. If betting on online interactive sports games is your thing, then you might want to give Kiron Virtual Sports game a try.

Their virtual sports games replicate real-world sports as closely as possible, using HD graphics and software technology to create a realistic and exciting betting experience for users.

You may place wagers on a variety of virtual games including horse racing, football, and motor races, just to name a few.

Features of Kiron Games

To make games feel life-like, virtual sports games developed by Kiron Interactive are built using their proprietary gaming physics engine. Their virtual sports betting games have some of the best animations and video content making it feel that you’re watching actual sports rather than a simulation.

Games are fast-paced, very interactive, and provide users with a continuous stream of betting opportunities. Both sports betting pros and beginners will enjoy playing games such as:

  • Horse racing
  • Football (soccer)
  • Greyhound racing
  • Motor racing
  • Table tennis/ping pong
  • Keno betting
  • Racing roulette

If you’re wondering how to play each of these games, you’d be surprised to know that they’re quite easy. Kiron’s virtual sports are mostly self-explanatory and can be easily understood by beginners.

Winning in Kiron Interactive’s games is quite easy. For example, in racing games, winning a bet is as easy as putting a bet on who you think will place first, second, or third. Except if there are fewer than 8 race participants, at which point only the first and second placer is counted in the bets. There are additional rules which you can check out on the website itself.

Football and table tennis betting usually rely on match results, but you may want to check the additional content that is there. This is because their gaming setup does offer many other ways for customers to get their virtual wins.

If you are interested in other sports games other than what Kiron Interactive offers, you can try FootballFootball Superstar, and 2016 Gladiators.

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Final Thoughts

Kiron Interactive has proved that virtual sports betting games can be as fun as real-life sporting events. It’s no wonder the company has cornered the market through its partnership with many casinos. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the games yourself to see whether you enjoy them or not!