How to play medusa slots

The Medusa Slot Game is a 5-reel video slot that offers up to 25 paylines for betting. The slot designed by Nextgen Gaming is readily available online on Bspin. Medusa is well known Nextgen gaming slot, for its impressive animations, storylines that do not disappoint, and seamless functionality. Medusa lives up to its name as a graphically striking video slot. As per legends, Medusa is portrayed as powerful, fierce, and strong, yet it stays terrifying at the same time. The Medusa slot is beautifully crafted and extremely detail-oriented to appeal to epic adventurists who enjoy a good video slot inspired by mythology. The Nextgen gaming slot is complete with a bonus, multipliers, free spins events, scatter symbol, and a wild symbol. Not to mention, you can also enjoy tempting Bspin casino bonuses.



The following terminologies are used in the Medusa slot, in addition to the various symbols.

  • Bet: Set your line wager. Bspin offers only a Bitcoin option and no betting with real money.
  • Gamble: Risk your winnings in a game of double or nothing.
  • Autoplay: Within set limits, the slot will spin continuously.
  • Spin: Choose a bet and begin the game. You may also win free spins in Medusa.
  • Lines: Change the number of active paylines in the slot game.

Medusa Slots How to play

Medusa Slot – Rules

  • In this gaming slot, the player has an option to play between one to twenty-five paylines on the individual spins. Bets are placed in the form of BTC and not real money.
  • The Medusa Vegas Slots payouts are discussed below.
  • The prize amount is multiplied by the amount a player stakes per payline.
  • For scatters, the credit win of the reels is multiplied by the total amount you wager.
  • When you play, the prize is determined by adding a scatter win to the payline.
  • In case during one spin in the slots, the selected payline has two or more wins, the highest one is paid.
  • In the medusa gaming slot, wins on multiple paylines during the reels are added.
  • Symbol payment is considered left to right. Yet, the scatter symbol pays a win in the casino regardless of direction.


While playing at Bspin casino, when you begin a game of Medusa, choose the amount you want to bet. This amount will be in BTC instead of real money. You can change your line bet using the buttons beside ‘Bet.’ You can adjust the ‘Lines’ panel to play all 25 paylines in the slot games. Additionally, click on ‘Autoplay’ or ‘Spin’ to begin the reels.

Your goal is to win cash as the thunder roars. For getting matching symbols like snakes, arrows, jugs, and others, along with the paylines, you win as per the paytable. For any regular symbol, Medusa substitutes as she’s wild. You win Turn to Stone respin and free games if she appears three times. Turning either of the reels two, three, or four times starts the game round. You can also get three free spins or re-spins with a 3x multiplier.

You can also get the Once Bitten Free Spins with the medusa logo. Getting three or more logos in the slots game initiates it. The round begins with ten free games. You also get additional super spins at a 5x multiplier for each soldier symbol. The super spins can help you win more. Once the turn is over, you may restart new games.

The Pegasus Bonus is a final bonus feature in the online casino. You can win up to 50x of your bet. Three Pegasus symbols initiate it in the online casino games. You pick an instant cash prize during the round. You might even get the chance to choose again, free games, or winning all the available winnings. The prize is paid out in BTC and not real money, on Bspin.

At the online casino medusa slot games, if you want to risk your winnings to get a shot at more, click ‘Gamble’ for a double or nothing game. Additionally, Bspin has other new and old slot games and live games for you to play. You can get casino games like poker and baccarat online. Double Joker Poker is one of the best ones to play. You can even learn how to play Sic Bo and enjoy a few games.

Medusa slots on

Betting Options

Developed by the Nextgen Gaming Software, Medusa is five reels and 25 paylines slots. It has numerous symbols that help you win more amounts, free spins, super spins, and real money in the form of BTC in this slot game.


There are no specific strategies to win at the Medusa slot game. The Bspin casino uses a provably fair algorithm to ensure a fair game. You can get free spins too at the online casino.

Ensure that you do not chase losses. Play responsibly and have patience. You can surely win a lot in new games.


Before you begin the game, you must know about the symbols and payouts.

  • Athena’s Temple: When making the winning combo in a game, this icon pays one of the following – 5000 for five, 200 for four, 100 for three or five credits for two matches.
  • Petrified Soldiers: These unfortunate fellows pay one of these when making the winning payline – 2000 for five, 100 for four, 50 for three or two credits for two matches.
  • Shield & Snakes: The payouts expected are 500 for five, 40 for four, or 20 credits for three matches.
  • Earrings & Winged Sandals: The payouts from these symbols of the ancient world of Greek mythology are 200 for five, 20 for four, or 15 credits for three matches.
  • Vase & Grapes: In the winning payline, these symbols pay 150 for five, 15 for four, and ten credits for three matches.
  • Spear tip: In a game, the spear tip is the least valuable icon on the reels. It provides 100 for five, 10 for four, and five credits for three matches in a winning combination.
  • Medusa Logo: This is the scatter symbol in the game. It offers 250 for five, 15 for four, 5 for three, and two credits for two matches. Additionally, the logo may come up anywhere and still counts as a win. The total amount of staked gets multiplied by the payouts from the scatter. Once Bitten Bonus is activated if it appears on three or more reels during the game.
  • Pegasus: During the base game, it does not offer any prize, but plays an essential role in the Pegasus Bonus round.
  • Medusa’s Face: In the slot medusa, Medusa’s face is a wild symbol. It does not offer any payouts but can lead to bonus payouts and re-spins.
  • Soldier: Unlike petrified soldiers, this warrior is alive. This symbol offers no payouts in the base game, like the Pegasus symbol.


As Nextgen has grown, the company developed its slots. Medusa slots are proof of the same. The impeccable design is much better even compared to some new slots being designed. At Bspin online casino, slots of Medusa are a must-play! You will love it when you play Medusa. Just in case you get bored of slots, there are always other options at the online casino and free spins, as well as bonuses, which add icing on the cake.