Casino Minesweeper by Tangente Games

Minesweeper is an old but popular game that’s been around since the 90s. You might have first played Microsoft Minesweeper in Windows 95. The game was originally created by Curt Johnson for IBM’s OS/2 and later brought to Microsoft Windows by Robert Donner as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1.

Minesweeper has become a favorite for many people. It’s a classic game that has even made its way onto mobile platforms like Xbox Live. Even today, it’s still a hit on both computers and mobile devices.

Casino game developers even decided that it was a good idea to create a Bitcoin casino minesweeper game for people to make money off their skills. In fact, Bitcoin Minesweeper is one of the most fair casino games since winning is based on your skill rather than luck.

Let’s Start Playing Minesweeper:

The goal is to successfully identify all the squares with the mines hidden behind them in the fastest time possible by placing flags down on suspected squares. A match is lost if the player clicks on a box with a mine behind it.

The number of mines varies depending on the game’s difficulty settings and is usually indicated by how many flags a player must place down. However, this can sometimes differ from version to version.

Minesweeper requires a bit of luck but for the most part, the player will need to use their wits to win. It calls for consistent practice and, most importantly, a lot of patience. It could be confusing at first but after playing for a while, you’ll begin to comprehend what the numbers mean and where neighboring mines are located.

Important terms to remember before playing Minesweeper:

  • Challenge Levels: In Minesweeper, you can choose how hard you want to play—easy, intermediate, or expert. This decision determines how big the game board is and the number of mines hidden.
  • Flag: You can put flags on squares where you think there might be mines. Using flags correctly helps you avoid mines and win the game. Right-click your mouse to put a flag in a box.
  • Smile/Refresh Button: This is an icon you can click if you want to start the game over because it’s too tricky or if you make a mistake.
  • Numbered square: In Minesweeper, numbers are super important. They show up on some squares and tell you how many mines are next to that square. You use these numbers to figure out where to put flags and where it’s safe to click.
  • Grid: The grid is like the game board in Minesweeper. It’s made up of lots of squares, and some have mines while others don’t. Your goal is to uncover all the safe squares without clicking on any mines.
  • Mines: Mines or bombs that are hidden in some of the squares on the grid. You have to find and mark all of them with flags without accidentally clicking on one. If you click on a mine, you lose the game.
  • Safe spots: Safe spots are the empty squares on the grid that don’t have mines. Your job is to uncover all of these while avoiding the mines.

Step-by-Step Rules & Guides to Playing Minesweeper Game

How do you play Minesweeper? Let us follow these few instructions to better know the tactics and rules of the game. Knowing the minesweeper’s rules and guides is very important so you can properly enjoy the minesweeper

Step 1: Difficulty Levels – Setting the Stage

Before you play Minesweeper, you need to pick how hard you want it to be. Do you want it easy, intermediate, or expert? The difficulty level decides how big the grid is and how many mines are hidden.

adjusting the minesweeper game difficulty

Step 2: First Click – Start Carefully

Minesweeper begins with one click using the left mouse button on your first square. But, be smart about where you click first. Try a random square, maybe one in the middle. This helps you avoid finding a mine right away and sets the tone for the game.

clicking a box in minesweeper game

Step 3: Understand the Numbers – Figure Out Clues

After your first click, you’ll see numbers on some numbered squares and some neighboring squares. These numbers tell you how many mines are close to the adjacent squares and surrounding squares. They’re like hints that help you make safe choices in the game.

Always start with corners or the edge of the board because they are more likely safer than neighboring numbered squares.

In the screenshot below, right click the squares surrounding the box with the number 4 to plant flags.

arrow pointing to a numbered block in minesweeper game

Step 4: Use Flags – Mark Suspicious Spots

To keep safe you can mark squares with flags. Right-click to put flags on squares where you think there might be mines. Flags remind you where the hidden mines are and prevent accidental clicks on risky squares. Flagging is a skill you’ll need more as you go deeper into the game.

arrow pointing on flagged box in minesweeper

Step 5: Keep Going – Be Smart

Minesweeper is about doing the same things over and over, like clicking, flagging, and looking at numbered squares. Use what you learn from numbers to find where the mines are. It’s like solving a puzzle with logic until the game ends.

Step 6: Win the Game – You Can Do It

In Minesweeper, your goal is to find all the mines by putting flags on them without clicking on any mines by accident. It’s a test of your strategy and thinking skills. But be careful, one wrong click on a mine square means you lose. So, go slow and smart, and you can win Minesweeper! Good luck!

How to play Minesweeper on Bspin

Bitcoin Minesweeper, just like the classic Microsoft Minesweeper, has three levels of difficulty: easy, moderate, and expert. You also win the game by correctly planting a flag on top of a mine.

The minimum and maximum bets are 1 and 1,000 Satoshis (fractions of Bitcoin), respectively. and a 97.00% RTP rate. Since the game employs a “provably fair system,” the player will always get a non-mine square on their click.

Easy is a 6×8 board with 12 mines and a payout rate of 3 chips for 2

Intermediate is an 8×10 board with 18 mines and a payout rate of 2 chips for 1

Expert is a 10×15 board with 32 mines and a payout rate of 4 chips for 1

Minesweeper’s Bonuses

There aren’t any special benefits available in the game right now. However, you can check out a Bitcoin casino bonus that can be used with Minesweeper.


Is it possible to win every game of Minesweeper?

No, and yes. The blank squares have the placement of mines which is random, so if the player uses their second click to obtain additional information on the board, they may unintentionally select the wrong squares or safe areas with a mine. But once you understand what the numbers mean, it is possible to prevail in most games.

Can you win Minesweeper without guessing?

You can indeed win without making a guess. The player can reduce these risks and prevail in the game by deductive reasoning and paying close attention to the numbers.

What do the numbers mean in Minesweeper?

As discussed above, the numbers represent the number of bombs that are adjacent to a square. For example, on the bottom left of the image, the squares are surrounded by 1’s, 2’s, and 3, This means that the three remaining squares that are unopened have mines in them.

numbered boxes in minesweeper

Is Minesweeper a game of luck?

Yes and no, because it can work out in two ways at the same time. It can play out as a logical game and a game of probability on how many mines can you possibly click.

Can you know how many mines are in each game? Is all the mines readable?

The numbers tell you how many nearby squares have bombs. You don’t know exactly where those bombs are hidden so you have to make your moves carefully.

What is the logic of the Minesweeper game?

In order to most rationally identify the squares behind them, the player in Minesweeper must recognize patterns and understand the meaning of numbers in the squares. The player’s odds of winning the majority of their games can be improved in this way.


The game is all about strategy and patience, not just luck. So, whether you’re playing for fun or prizes, Minesweeper is a game that challenges your brain and can be enjoyed by everyone. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!