How to play money wheel

Las Vegas players have been playing the Money Wheel game, or at least a variety of versions of the game for a long time long before the famous TV game show aired and entertained millions across North America. Money Wheel came from Fortune Wheel online, one of the most celebrated games among casino goers. It’s an easy game to get a hang of one of the best beginner-friendly games you can ever play.


What is the Money Wheel?

Money Wheel is a variety of Fortune Wheel. They are similar in almost all aspects. There are small differences but they play the same and you can bet exactly the same as playing Fortune Wheel. Though the TV show involves a number of players, puzzles to solve, and quirky bonus rounds, the online version involves, you guessed it, a big wheel that spins. In regards to gameplay, you will never get tired of it since it involves great odd and probability mechanics with colorful design and enticing and engaging music. Surely one of the favorites among online betters.



Here are some of the most used terms while playing the game Money Wheel.

The Wheel – You can’t play “Money Wheel” without the wheel. It is the heart of the game and it is how you determine your pay-outs, winnings, and chances.

Wedges – These are the sections that you will see on the wheel. Located on the wedges are the amount and the total multiplier for your bet.

Spin – What you call the motion of the wheel. Each spin corresponds to one round. You place your bet before the wheel spin and see your earnings (or loss) after the wheel stops spinning.

Table – Place your bets here. Located at the table are the possible guesses that you need to choose. Once the wheel spins, you can not take your bet off the table.

Bet – This how much you put on a guess. This will determine your winnings or loss, depending on your luck.

Play High or Play Low – This determines the amount you are willing to pay each round. If you are confident enough, you can max your betting on each round.

Clear bet – This is an option if you want to clear the table of your previous bet. Once cleared, you can set bets again before you spin the wheel.

Those are some of the most common terms you will encounter while playing Money WHeel. Share other terminologies that you know in the comment section. After all, you are an expert on these kinds of games.


How to play Money Wheel?

Money Wheel is a straight forward game. It focuses on your playing and betting experience. All you have to do is play the game and focus on winning a big payout on each spin. Everything revolves around the spinning wheel.

As we said, it’s a straight forward game. All you need is to place your bet. First off, determine the symbols that are on the wheel. Feel what you think would come up and place your bet. It’s all about where you think the arrow will fall. If the arrow falls on the color and symbol that you placed your bet on, you win, if not, you lose. Then, you can place another bet as the wheel resets for another round or spin. It’s that simple.

There are seven possible bets you can choose from, all with their own different colors, letters, and numbers. You can place a bet on all of them or on any of them on each round or spin. You also have the option of placing a different color chip on every option on the table. There are six chip options that you can choose from ranging from 0.5μ₿ to 100μ₿. It’s really up to you. There are a minimum and a maximum amount of bet that you can place on each of them.

Once you placed your bet, you will have the option to start spinning the wheel. You can also reset the betting table and clear out the bets you placed if you are not happy about it. You can take your time in calculating how much you would want to bet and how much you would like to win. As long as you don’t press or click the “spin” button, you can reset and rearrange your bet depending on what you feel and like. Also, after each spin or round you will have the option to double your bet from the last round. That’s absolute freedom for the players like yourself.

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Betting Options

Now that you have the basics with you, it’s about time you determine how much and how often would you like to win. Let’s explore the available betting options you can choose from playing Money Wheel.

There are seven possible bets that you can make on each spin or round of Money Wheel. You can place a minimum or maximum amount on all of them for each round. In short, you can maximize the chances you’ll cover the right number or symbol on every spin if you place a bet on each option on the table. Total coverage means you can almost each and every spin or round. On the other hand, you can focus on one number and bet on it every round. The number of winnings and payouts is completely up to how much you place on a bet.



There are almost no strategies involved in the Money Wheel. All you have to do is bet on the numbers that you think would appear on every spin and you are all set. It’s all about your instinct as a player, luck, or your faith in the numbers that you choose on each round.

One simple strategy that you can use is to place a bet on each betting option on the table. Placing a minimum bet on each option will maximize your chances of hitting the right number each and every round. You can also choose three betting options and place your bets all through your gameplay.

What we’re saying here is the strategy that you will eventually come up with will come from the amount of time you would want to spend on the game. Also, there is no point in coming up with a strategy to beat or win on a game that focuses on your luck. What we suggest is to place your bet and let yourself enjoy the game of the Money Wheel.



Each winning bet will double the amount of your original bet. It’s that simple. If you started with 3μ₿ and the number that you chose at the beginning of the round comes up on the wheel, you will definitely get 6μ₿ as winnings on that round. Each spin or round that you win, you will get double the amount of what you started with.

Win and bet as much as you want, if you are satisfied with your winnings, you can easily payout and walk away with how much is there on your remaining balance. remaining balance. We suggest keeping an eye on your balance so you can determine if you would want to continue playing and wait for the best time for the payout.

It’s a Fun and Easy Game to Play!

There are tons of Money Wheel machines in Las Vegas and looking for that one lucky machine will take you a lifetime. It’s easier to play Money Wheel online. If you have the passion and the determination to win a fortune online, Money Wheel, aside from other games like Mutlihand BlackJack and Baccarat card game, is definitely the best game you can start with as a beginner online player. With little to no learning curve, you can easily get a hang of it. Just make sure to game and play responsibly!