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The online casino gaming experience has changed the world of gambling. While roulette is commonly played in live casinos with a dealer, the advent of technology has allowed it to be played via the use of computers through the internet. Players now have more options than ever as they can play online slots and roulette games on both local and international online casinos.

It’s not just the gaming platform that changed because of the internet. Now, there are different types of roulette games thanks to the advancement of technology.

You can play one such variation, Random Number Generator (RNG) Roulette, on It is very much like a video game wherein the player selects a number but the game’s algorithm determines the outcome which is completely random. We’re going to talk about RNG Lightning Roulette and how to play this awesome game.

Steps on How to Play Lightning Roulette

  1. Choose Your Chip Value: Once the game loads, you’ll see different chip values at the bottom of the screen. Select the chip value that suits your budget and risk preference.
  2. Place Your Bets: Now, it’s time to place your bets. You can place all the regular roulette bets such as straight up, split, street, corner, line, column, dozen, red/black, even/odd, and 1-18/19-36. Remember, only straight-up bets can be selected for a lightning number.
  3. Wait for Lightning Numbers: After all bets are placed, the game randomly generates 1 to 5 Lightning Numbers along with their multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x. These numbers are struck by lightning in the user interface.
  4. Watch the Spin: The dealer will then spin the wheel and launch the ball. You can’t place or change your bets during this time.
  5. Check the Outcome: The ball will eventually fall into one of the pockets on the wheel, determining the winning number. If you’ve placed a bet on this number, you’ll receive a payout according to its odds. If it’s also a Lightning Number, your payout will be multiplied accordingly.
  6. Start a New Round: After all winnings are paid out, a new round begins. You can choose to place new bets or use the ‘rebet’ button to repeat your previous bets.

All About Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a unique variant of the traditional roulette developed by Evolution Gaming. It combines the classic European roulette game with advanced RNG (Random Number Generator) gameplay.

The game environment is set in a stunning black and gold Art Deco environment, making it visually stunning. It’s like no other Roulette game, adding RNG Lucky Number wins to every game round. This makes for an electrifying user interface for maximum player thrills.

Odds & Payouts

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Below are the odds of Evolution Gaming’s RNG Lightning Roulette:

  • Straight Up Bet: A winning straight-up bet generally pays 35:1, however, in Lightning Roulette, it pays 30:1 before the application of the Lightning multipliers.
  • Split Bet: A winning split bet pays 17:1.
  • Street Bet: A winning street bet pays 11:1.
  • Corner/Four Bet: A winning corner/four bet pays 8:1.

These values are before any multipliers are applied which can boost the odds giving up to 500-1.

House Edge

The house edge for Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming is approximately 2.90%. This means that for every $100 wagered, you should expect to lose $2.90. This is slightly higher than the house edge in European Roulette, which is 2.70%, and significantly higher than French Roulette, which has a house edge of 1.35%.

Lightning Roulette RTP

The Return to Player (RTP) for Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming is 97.30% for all bet types except Straight-up bets, which have an RTP of 97.13%.

How Does an RNG Roulette Work?

To understand the ins and outs of the RNG Roulette game, one must first comprehend the basics of a standard roulette game. A roulette table has a wheel that has numbers and is alternately colored red and black. The dealer spins the wheel and drops a small ball and then the players place their bets on where the ball lands. Punters can wager that the ball will land on odd or even, high (19 to 36) or low value (1 to 18), and red or black number part of the roulette wheel.

RNG Roulette is essentially the same as physical roulette in casinos except for the fact that it is computer-generated. Instead of friction and gravity, it’s the game’s algorithm that will randomly decide where the ball will land. The bet amount is not a factor when determining the outcome.

Because of how random the online roulette game can get, there are no patterns observable no matter how hard the player looks. In a sense, RNG Roulette is very similar to a slot machine.

If you want to test what RNG Roulette is like without betting any money, you can head over to the free demo version of the game. You can click the “go live” button on the bottom left of the screen to play real money roulette should you find the game to your liking.

Punters of RNG Roulettes in casinos should feel safe in the knowledge that these establishments keep the games as honest as possible. While they seek a profit from every player, there is no need for them to manipulate the system nor it’s even possible.

RNG Roulette Aesthetics

Lightning Roulette image

Do you want to feel like you are actually in a casino? Like sitting and playing at a standard roulette table? This game can give you that live casino vibe. With its nice graphics and immersive gaming experience, you will feel like you’re experiencing the real thing.

Believe us, this game is just like the roulette variants you’ll find in casinos. The rules are the same and lady luck determines the outcome just like a live roulette game. You place your bets on the table and just like in real life, you lose or you win some. Only this time it’s on a screen! How convenient is that?


What are other variants of RNG roulette?

Other variants of RNG roulette are French roulette, mini roulette, double ball roulette, multi ball roulette, rapid roulette, and many more. Each variant has its own unique sequence and internal logic so it’s best to try out which suits you more. You may check out these variants on our library of roulette games.

Is Lightning roulette better than the other types of roulette?

Lightning Roulette can offer a more thrilling and potentially rewarding gaming experience. However, it might not be suitable for players who prefer traditional roulette strategies or a classic casino gaming environment. It’s always best to try out different types of roulette games to see which one suits your playing style the most.

You might wanna check out the difference between American and European roulette and see what makes them unique.

What are the strategies when playing lightning roulette?

When playing Lightning Roulette, you could bet on all numbers, analyze the individual numbers and previous rounds for patterns, scatter bets across multiple numbers, focus on previous Lightning numbers, or spread equal bets across multiple numbers. Always set a budget and stick to it.

Where to play RNG Lightning roulette?

You can play lightning roulette and other kinds of online roulette games at an online casino like