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Russian Poker is a popular casino table game that has some similarities to traditional poker games but with unique rules and gameplay. It is played against the house and not against other players, much like Caribbean Stud Poker or Three Card Poker.

How Russian Poker Differs from Other Poker Games

While Russian Poker and traditional poker share some common elements, they are fundamentally different games. Here are some key differences:

Hand Rankings

Both games use traditional poker hand rankings (from high card up to a royal flush), but the significance of certain hands may differ. In traditional poker, every hand’s strength is relative to the other hands in play. In Russian Poker, certain hands have specific payouts, regardless of what the dealer’s hand is.

Betting Rounds

Traditional poker generally includes several rounds of betting (pre-flop, flop, turn, river in Texas Hold’em). In contrast, Russian Poker typically only has two main betting points: after the initial cards are dealt, and after players decide whether to buy or change cards.

Number of Cards and Buying Cards

In Russian Poker, players are dealt five cards and can buy a sixth card or exchange their cards for a fee. In traditional poker, the number of cards dealt varies depending on the game (five for Five-Card Draw, two for Texas Hold’em, etc.), but players cannot buy or exchange cards.

Dealer Qualification

In Russian Poker, the dealer must have a minimum hand (usually Ace-King or better) to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, the round ends prematurely, and the player wins their ante bet. There is no equivalent concept in traditional poker games.


Given these rule differences, the strategy for success in Russian Poker is drastically different from traditional poker. In traditional poker, success requires a deep understanding of odds, bluffing, player behavior, and bet sizing. In Russian Poker, the strategy mostly involves mathematical decisions about whether to buy or exchange cards and whether to call or fold based on the strength of the hand versus the dealer’s potential hands.

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Russian Poker Rules

In traditional poker (like Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, etc.), players play against each other with the goal of either having the best hand at a showdown or causing all other players to fold. In Russian Poker, players are competing against the dealer, similar to online blackjack or other casino table games.

Russian Poker has a few unique twists compared to traditional poker games, including the opportunity to exchange cards and buy an additional one. Here’s a general overview of the rules:

  1. Starting the Game: To start the game, each player makes an ante bet. The dealer and each player are then dealt five cards. The dealer’s cards are placed face down, while the player can look at their cards.
  2. Player Decision: After viewing their hand, the player has to make a decision. They can:
    • Fold: The player can choose to fold if they believe their hand is not strong enough. This will result in the loss of their ante bet.
    • Play: If the player wants to continue, they must place an additional bet, which is usually twice the amount of the ante.
    • Buy a Card: The player can choose to buy a sixth card. The cost of this sixth card is typically the same as the ante bet.
    • Exchange Cards: The player can also choose to exchange one or more of their cards for new ones. The cost for this is usually equal to the ante bet.
  3. Dealer’s Turn: Once the player has made their decision and taken any additional actions, the dealer reveals their cards. In most versions of the game, the dealer needs to have a hand of at least an Ace-King (or better) to “qualify.”
  4. Outcome:
    • If the dealer does not qualify, the player’s ante bet is paid out 1:1, and the additional bet is returned, regardless of the strength of the player’s hand.
    • If the dealer qualifies and the player’s hand is stronger, the ante is paid out 1:1, and the additional bet is paid according to a pay table.
    • If the dealer qualifies and their hand is stronger, the player loses both the ante and additional bet.
    • In case of a tie, both the ante and additional bet are returned to the player.

How to Bet and Win at Russian Poker

  1. The significant traits of Poker include that players can play until 1 four boxes. A game called “open” can be done only up to 1 two boxes. You can also be on a bonus in any box. The bonus bet is placed on a table where the ante was also put.
  2. The minimum bet is indicated for each game table; the maximum bet that may be made is endless. If players prefer to play more than a box, remember that the amount of ante is not possible to be five times more or even less than each.
  3. As players, you have the right to purchase the 6th card of your poker hands or trade it with any of his card numbers in the game. When you buy or replace a map, it is called 1 ANTE. If the card that the player purchased or replaced did not develop into a high rank, he can fold and has the chance to lose his ANTE.
  4. When the player trades only one card, he has the right to make recurring trades. When making recurring trades, he can change any one card. But, with consecutive trades, 1 ANTE is increased for the cost of replacement. The value of these trades increases using arithmetic advancement such as 1, 2, 3, and so on. The player can consecutively trade till the deck is tired.
  5. When the dealer did not qualify for an Ace-King, the player is qualified for a payout, and ANTE only (1:1). If the dealer qualifies and the cards’ combination of the player has a higher rank, he then wins a payout for the BET only. The ANTE will not be paid.
  6. If the player has in his hands two combinations, he can receive a payout for both. The player with a Three-of-a-Kind combination must ensure that the dealer will not get a non-qualifying hand so that he can beat the dealer. When the player wins a pot, the insurance bet he can get is from 1 ANTE until half of the prospective payout.
  7. The player playing may reject the winnings that are equal to the ANTE and will replace the dealer’s highest card instead if the dealer cannot qualify. The ANTE will be withdrawn as a cost of this trade. The trade will repeat if the dealer’s new card is the same rank as the old one and does not qualify.

Advanced Tips for Russian Poker

Some rules that you must remember when playing Russian Poker are that players need to select boxes that they want to play with and make their ANTE. The player now bets a higher poker combination like Three or Four of a Kind. Another combination a player can turn to includes that one three-card draw, one flush 5, 1 straight flush 50, and 1 straight 4. In these games, the first and second box is usually considered “open,” and the rest of the boxes are called “blind.” Some combinations to apply here are the straight 4 1, kind 3 1, straight flush 50 1, and sweet 20 1.

The minimum bet and the maximum payout is always stated on every table for 5 cards. There are four figures in each box. The ANTE bet is on the curve, and the square is the bonus bet. Insurance bets are sometimes found also on the square. The rectangle has the BET placed. The unique marker, which includes the number 6, is located on the circle when the player buys the 6th card. The first needs to select a chip with the desired value when making a bet. This chip is chosen by default while playing, and the least face value will place itself. Just hope that you get favorable combinations such as 1 three, 1 flush 5, or a kind 20’1!

Scroll to change the value of chips. Once the chip gets selected, the player can then place his bet by just clicking anywhere he likes on the game table, and it appears there. Every succeeding click will add another chip to the chance. You can remove all bets on the table by clicking the Clear button. If you wish to repeat the lottery, just press the Reset button. A bet must be made for the deal button to appear.

The dealer will place his final card face up. Shortly, play begins on boxes. When the result of the bonus bet is set, the tables are revealed.

After the player looked at the cards, he has four options:

  1. Buy the sixth card
  2. Exchange any of his cards
  3. Raise bet
  4. Fold and lose ANTE

The payment of buying or replacing is 1 ANTE. He has then two options if he returns or buys the sixth card:

  1. Raise bet
  2. Fold and lose ANTE

When the player decided to exchange one card, he will have another opportunity:

  1. Exchange cards

Under the Russian Poker rules, the cost of continuous exchange is equivalent to two ANTES. The player is responsible for this trade and hence must select to raise, fold, or even exchange any card again. Before the player can build a bet, he must make sure that he does not get a non-qualifying hand. If you have a 1 full house 7 or a full house 7’1, that is great! He can only do this if he has a three-of-a-kind or any higher rank. If you have three of a kind, then lady luck is in your favor! This kind of bet makes sure that the dealer will not be able to qualify. If the player wins with three of a kind, the maximum probable payout is given and the least Insurance of ANTE.

These will determine the result made:

First of all, Insurance is paid once the dealer did not qualify, and you claim your winning. Second, if he qualifies, the player loses the Insurance. If the combination of the player is equal to the dealer, the game will end. Both will be made payouts if the player can win two combinations at once.

Suppose the dealer’s cards are the Ace of Spades and four hearts, or Ace-King. The highest card of the dealer was exchanged and dealt with Ace of Clubs. It is free of trade, and by this time the dealer was given Ace of Hearts, and the dealer has the royal flush 100 1. When the transfer is done, the results are determined amount to pay is set. However, if you have four of a kind, one full house 7, or a whole house 7 1, then this is the combination that you need to increase your total winning pot!

The famous ‘Blind Games’ gives players limited opportunities. He will not be able to fold, buy, or exchange his cards at tables; he faces a rights-reserved strategy. It is a need to raise the best card, and BET is inevitably added to ANTE, keep your eye on the prize and win the pot! BET is equal to twice the ANTE. Cards in the ‘blind’ boxes are dealt with right after the player has come up with his best final decision on the ‘open’ box. In an ‘open’ game, the player is enabled to purchase Insurance and create a bonus bet. There is only one edge when you play ‘blind.’ Once the dealer is qualified, however, the player has more combinations, he will be paid for his BET and his ANTE 1:1.

Casinos have set up a rule that if a player pays to exchange one card of his hand, after having a new card, he is given three options, fold, bet, or exchange for another card. If the player wants to exchange another card, he must settle one more ante, with three same options.

If all six boxes at a table are played, there is the possibility that the cards may run out. You can avoid this new situation if the schedule may agree on a limit on the number of tickets that can be exchanged, for example, not more than two tickets per box.


Russian Poker is a fun online casino game to play. It focuses more on strategies and power combinations of cards. Your only enemy in the casino is the dealer, and you must get a higher rank than his to make him pay. Some say that this five cards game is complicated, but once you have read reviews and understand all the rules, the Russian Poker game is as simple as it looks. So are you ready to give it a try and win massive pots?