is bitcoin gambling legal

Gambling and Bitcoin didn’t look like two terms that would be mentioned together in a sentence just a few years ago.  It has always been a matter of concern to casino games players who really want to enjoy gambling at all costs, not just because they get to enjoy the benefits but also because of the pleasure that gambling brings.

Is gambling in the United States legal? Well, the last time we checked, gambling has been legal in the US since time immemorial. If gambling is legal, then is Bitcoin gambling legal? With this article, we will try to clarify this question that has been on everyone’s mind.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the USA placed a ban on the connection between the banking system, credit card companies, and online gambling activities, stating clearly that banking facilities should not be used to facilitate anything that relates to online gambling.

This declaration was made in October 2006.  Before this declaration, casino game players and other gamblers were able to use their credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers, to fund their online gambling accounts. However, since the declaration became law, a new wave of online casinos has improvised and solved the problem by introducing Bitcoin casinos.

The majority of the Bitcoin casinos that we have in the United States now used to be online casinos, who have now decided to branch into accepting cryptocurrency in a bid not to be found wanting or disobeying state and federal laws.

Online casino operators have moved forward. This non-traditional way of funding gambling accounts is even faster and better than paying the transaction fees with the normal fiat currencies. Bitcoin casinos are helping people to actualize their casino dreams without facing delays and restrictions with banks.

To be clear, no US law forbids citizens from gambling or gambling online. However, the law states that no wagering activity must be done on US soil or its territory. This means that the country’s citizens can gamble online but not with any company within the territory.

This has forced online casinos and other online gambling sites to function outside the country’s shores while still managing to serve most US gamblers.

US states where online gambling is illegal

Note that the United States of America hasn’t placed a ban on gambling; however, you must check with your state laws to know if you can gamble online, whether with Bitcoin or with your fiat currency. The states below have banned online gambling in general.

  • Alaska
  • Oregon
  • Kentucky
  • Washington DC

the above-listed states have made it difficult to find where gambling can be done, whether online or land-based. If you live in any of these states, you don’t need to search too far. Gambling is illegal, and online gambling, much so. As for the following states:

  • New York
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland

You can find some good old brick and mortar casinos where you can place bets and gamble, but online gambling is highly prohibited. If you live in any of the states mentioned above, you have to look for some gambling sites offshore to stake your wager.

Since tracking anyone who uses online casinos or sports betting sites for the purpose of gambling is almost impossible in the states that have banned gambling in general, gamblers can still go on with their gambling activities but must do this with caution. Most gambling websites have also taken it upon themselves to prevent people from these states from gambling by getting their location using their IP address.

US states where Bitcoin gambling faces limitations?

Using digital currency in the United States is legal, including Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency that you know. However, the government will ensure that you pay tax if you make any profit from using it. The following states in the USA have put a halt to gambling legality, especially with Bitcoin.

  • Connecticut: players are given the privilege to gamble online in the state; however, online Bitcoin casinos and even land-based casinos find it a bit difficult to set up their business in the state because there is a law that no business must accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment until it has duly registered with the state.
  • California: California has been working on regulating Bitcoin for a while now, but the mission has not been accomplished yet. For this reason, you will hardly find any com[pany that accepts Bitcoin, let alone a casino.
  • New Hampshire: using Bitcoin in this state is very stressful, and it doesn’t look like the state government is trying to do anything to solve the problem. Everyone has to get a license to trade Bitcoin in the state, which is not peculiar to just business. As a regular citizen, Bitcoin transactions are harder for you, just as much as they are for businesses.
  • Wisconsin: this state is not a Bitcoin-friendly state. Although there are no clear laws regarding who should use Bitcoin and who should not, the state’s government has made it really difficult for companies to make Bitcoin transactions. Businesses are allowed to use a money transmitter for transactions. However, if they carry out their business using cryptocurrency or any virtual currency, their license is withdrawn. This situation makes it difficult for citizens to engage in sports bets or online Bitcoin gambling.

We strongly advise that if you stay in any area mentioned above, you should check with the laws there to avoid getting into any problem with the authorities. Note that gambling may not be prohibited in the above-listed states; only the use of cryptocurrency and any other digital currency is. To gamble with Bitcoin, you may have to look out for Bitcoin gambling sites that accept Bitcoin.

United States territories that allow Bitcoin gambling to the fullest

Gambling with Bitcoin is gradually becoming the norm, with a lot of casinos starting to join the trend. Players have the privilege to play at their favorite online Bitcoin casino using Bitcoin and currency in the following states.

  • New Jersey: in 2013, New Jersey joined the concise list of states that allow cryptocurrency gambling.
  • Pennsylvania: this state also joined the list four years later. Although regulations are still ongoing, players can enjoy their casino games as much as they want.
  • Delaware: this state was the first to ever allow online gambling in the United States, and Bitcoin gambling has been a thing since.
  • Nevada: it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nevada allows Bitcoin gambling because the state has always been known to be filled with land-based casinos that give a great casino experience to players. Everyone that mentions the word “casino” would usually first think about Las Vegas. They joined only shortly after Delaware.

Asking if online casino gambling should be legal isn’t supposed to still be a thing in the world right now, especially because everyone is moving towards a digital world. We cannot fault the laws against gambling online because there are reasons for that, but it would definitely make more sense if it were accepted.

Using Bitcoin casinos offers so many benefits to players, and these benefits include avoiding breaking the law or dealing with state or federal authorities. Bitcoin transactions are fast and easy, and they also have a storage system known as the Bitcoin wallet where everything concerning your Bitcoin transactions passes through.

Frequently Asked Questions

To clarify the information on this page, we need to look at some of the questions that others have asked about Bitcoin, the online casino, and the Bitcoin casino that I’m sure you’ll want to know about too.

1. How do you gamble with Bitcoin?

Gambling with Bitcoins is as easy as gambling with your regular currency. Casino websites usually give you information regarding how you can do it. Still, all you have to do is register with a Bitcoin casino, have a Bitcoin wallet, fund the wallet from your bank account, and start playing.

2. Is Bitcoin gambling legal in the US?

Yes, it is completely legal to use Bitcoin in the united states. However, US players must ensure that the area or state they’re from allows Bitcoin gambling.

3. Can you gamble with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can gamble with Bitcoins; however, there are no Bitcoin casinos in the USA, which means you have to use the services of casinos off-shore.

4. How do Bitcoin casinos work?

Bitcoin casinos work like every other casino. The focus on giving players an awesome user experience by reducing the stress they go through with banks. The bonus features are also the same; in fact, better than other casinos because it’s a great way to break into the market.

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Using Bitcoins should be safe for everyone and allowed in every country. However, it is not yet the case. We hope that in a few more years, Bitcoin will no longer have to battle with the laws of any state or country, but until then, keep playing.