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If you like watching streamers play video slots and other casino games, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve prepared something that brings that experience to the next level.

Livespins is our special product that aims to introduce a new social element to online casino gaming. With Livespins, you can watch your favorite streamers like ROSHTEIN play and bet behind them.

This is a perfect alternative to Twitch, which is starting to ban gambling-related streams. But we offer something even better than that because whenever a streamer lands a winning spin, you can win as well.

Read more about the Livespins product below to learn how it works and what cool features you can expect.

How to Play Livespins

To participate in Livespins, you must log in to your online casino account, pick your favorite streamer, and enter their live session.

Provided you already have a bankroll, you can bet behind them by choosing your stake and the number of spins. So, if the streamer bets $10, you are free to bet lower or higher and as much as you see fit as long as you stay within limits.

The streamers will have their own balance but understand that their credits do not count as real-money wagers. Viewers’ balances are updated according to the game’s paytable as soon as the streamer’s spin ends.

Simply put — when the streamer wins, you win; when the streamer loses, you lose. On top of that, you do not have to play every round, but instead choose which spins you want to bet on.
Livespins Interface
Your game controls will be at the bottom of the screen, from where you can adjust your bet and the number of spins you wish to bet behind.

To start playing, simply hit the Spin button. On the left of the control panel, you can see your balance. Do not confuse this number with the streamer’s balance, which doesn’t count as your money.

Between the control panel and the game screen will be a list of outcomes for the last several spins, showing how much you, the group, and the streamer won. The top right corner contains room info and the number of available seats, while the chat occupies the right side of the screen.

Livespins Features

Livespins has loads of interesting features that increase the social element and make for a thrilling experience.

To start with, you can choose your avatar, nickname, and color. Change your appearance in the chat anytime, but don’t get carried away as that number is limited. To chat with other people and the streamer, simply type in the message in the input box and hit the send button. You can also send messages as fun thematic gifs and add reactions and emojis.

One more thing you can do in the chat is use SpinnyBot. By typing in and sending !help, SpinnyBot will send you a list of commands that will help throughout your session. When chatting, we urge you to follow the community guidelines.

When betting behind, you can choose the stake and the number of spins. From there, just press the spin button and watch the streamer play. Whenever the streamer wins, their multiplier is applied to all players who bet behind on that particular spin and added to the individual stake of each player.

Streamer Events and Tournaments

Apart from regularly scheduled streams, Livespins streamers often organize special events like tournaments, new game releases, and giveaways. These events can last a week or just a few hours, so make sure to catch them on time.

One particularly intriguing streamer event is Bonus Hunt. Streamers playing Bonus Hunt will play several slots one by one until triggering a bonus round on each. They will then play one bonus round after another, which creates a bonus bonanza. To qualify for a bonus round, you must bet behind the streamer on a spin that triggered it.

Livespins Is for Everyone

It’s logical to assume that we created this as an effort to attract a younger generation of players familiar with the streaming culture.

However, we want to make Livespins accessible to all. That’s why we made it easy to use and understand to the point at which you can feel comfortable playing it even if you’ve never watched a streamer in your life. It’s basically like playing a video slot on your own, just with an added social element to it. Try it out!