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If you want to enjoy online poker with a greater anonymity level, then Bitcoin is your best bet payment option. No doubt, Bitcoin poker is the next big thing in the poker world as it allows for guaranteed security that is no match anywhere. In this article, you need to know how online poker Bitcoin works; advantages and disadvantages are explained here. You will also get to see the best rooms in online Bitcoin poker that you would not only love but would give more gains. Ready to be enlightened? Read on!

How Online Bitcoin Poker Games Work

Online Bitcoin poker works just like any poker in your favorite casino game guides, but with a little twist in it because it involves Bitcoin. When you use Bitcoin, playing online poker room becomes unique for regular gamblers as it has a different experience because of the decentralized form of currency. Using Bitcoin means both the provider and the customers are ultimately anonymous, and hereby it provides a safe zone to gamble and win.

How to Get Started

With these five points listed below, you will get a step by step guide on how to start using the poker Bitcoin online and the different Bitcoin video poker games you can play.

1) Start by owning a Bitcoin account  

Before you start any gambling duties, you will need first to have Bitcoin deposits to trade with, which means you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. So, what you need is to convert your real money from your bank accounts to Bitcoins, and that can be done by doing a process called cryptocurrency exchange. This cryptocurrency exchange is easy to do like any exchange account platform that is user friendly.

Since you will be converting your fiat money from your bank account to Bitcoins, you are buying Bitcoin. That simply means you are looking for a seller ready to take your real money and exchange it for Bitcoin. After buying the Bitcoins, you cannot store it in your bank account; hence, a Bitcoin account is necessary. After successfully setting up your exchange account, referred to as a wallet in the crypto world, you will have a private key that is peculiar to only you and the Bitcoins you purchased. Then, store your cryptocurrency in it and proceed to the next point.

2) Check for online Bitcoin poker rooms

The next thing to do is to do a little research. You would still want to have a great time poker with Bitcoin as you do before so, make findings on online poker sites that accept Bitcoin before concluding on how to start. You need to know the best poker site that uses Bitcoin to play and get good returns. If you have found the poker site you want to gamble in, register an account on the site, then the next point should be on the move.

3) Transfer Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet address to your poker account  

This point is pretty straightforward if you have been familiar with the traditional online poker sites before then. Instead of going through the credit cards or debit cards payment option, you will credit your poker account using the free Bitcoin payments option. Every such Bitcoin to play site has that option, so you can be sure of not getting confused about how to navigate.

After clicking on the option, you will receive another key that is peculiar to only your poker account. This will serve as the Bitcoin wallet address to credit your Bitcoin from your original Bitcoin wallet. When this is done, a Bitcoin balance will be evident in your poker account that shows you are ready to start gambling.

4) Convert back to your Bitcoin wallet

This is not done immediately after your deposit, but you played on the site after you have won in any tournament. Since you have won some Bitcoins in your poker wallet, you need to move it back to your Bitcoin wallet. Unlike the regular online Bitcoin, Bitcoin is pretty fast and doesn’t require too much validation for your Bitcoin wallet to be credited. Plus, it is done in minutes and would just need your private key, which was initially given to perform the transaction. You can also get your Bitcoin value weekly cashback here.

5) Convert to traditional currency

This next point is often not done by many cryptocurrency dealers because they would just want to stop at step 4 since they have gotten their money out of the site. However, the best thing to do is to move it out by following the rising and falling trend that crypto entails and the exchange rate. Although keeping Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallets is safe, but there is a possibility of some bubbles you might not be stable enough to withstand. So, convert to real money, then start the whole process again by buying or accepting Bitcoin.

Pros of Online Bitcoin Playing Poker Room

If you want to compare the Bitcoin payment method of poker sites with other options that don’t accept Bitcoin, you will surely have a handful of advantages that will make it your go-to online poker method. These five advantages will surely explain all that you need to know to start using casinos that accept Bitcoin to gamble.

a) Low transaction fees

Instead of paying a middle man/brand when gaming on a poker site with the traditional payment system, accepting Bitcoin beats that with its direct payment method. This means you can transfer without getting unnecessary charges from the poker sites since cryptocurrency doesn’t require all that. Although you will have to settle some fees known as the mining costs, yet it is lower than the normal amount spent on the traditional deposit option.

b) Accessibility becomes easier

Some countries are restricted from playing online poker rooms because the game is heavily regulated. Other countries that authorize the game would not even permit payment into a yet regulated site.

Interestingly, Bitcoin has helped to cut down all these restrictions as it is a decentralized currency that doesn’t need the government authority for its movement. So, you can Bitcoin deposits or withdraw to any site from your Bitcoin account as you have the autonomy to do so.

c) Guaranteed safety

One thing you should be sure of when your money is in this form, Bitcoin cash, is safety. This form of Bitcoin poker sites will guarantee the sovereignty and ensure the safety of your Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions work in a way that is backed up with end-to-end encryption that is verified before it is made; hence, it is safer than your fiat transactions.

You will also always receive a unique key that would be accessed by only you, which a definition of security at its peak on all Bitcoins. Besides, every online Bitcoin site has cold storage that these private keys are protected in, and this doesn’t just give these sites more credibility but adds to the advantageous reasons why gambling on such sites is a good move.

d) Fairness is not negotiable

There are features in online Bitcoin poker sites that give room for equal chances for both the dealer and the poker site. Unlike other online poker sites that can create odds that are not fair for the player, Bitcoin poker competitions are quite different. This is because the technology that backs up the currency used will be responsible for creating that resides over a fair game, and this technology uses an algorithm that cannot be altered. So, if you want to gain a good chance of winning in an online poker site game, banking with the best Bitcoin play poker sites is your best bet.

e) Anonymity is at its peak

Aside from the fact that online poker players can gamble and bank a great deal, they will also be doing it without disclosing their identity. Having won, transfer the Bitcoin will also follow the anonymity trend that can not be easily traced, which makes it a great idea for most players in some countries. Therefore, if a player wants to run a gambling deal but is restricted by government policy, the Bitcoin online poker site will encourage a good way to win regardless of cash games like Casino Hold’em Poker game.

Cons of Online Bitcoin Poker

Although the advantages of online Bitcoin play poker are extraordinary, there are still some drawbacks that would even pass for some people in Bitcoin casino games.

1) Limited number of sites available

Currently, the number of poker sites that allow for the Bitcoin payment method are not so many, but there are high possibilities many would hop in soon. This is a sure move for most online poker sites as they see a promising future with Bitcoin onboard.

2) Bitcoin could be lost

This is not a big disadvantage to worry about because if your device is not currently processing a gambling deal, this would not be possible. But if there is a crash in your devices during any Bitcoins deal, this is unfortunately not excusable.

3) Bitcoin value is not stable

The movement of Bitcoin in the crypto world is not stable and, therefore, not predictable. It could be high today and go down another day, which might not sit well with some people. But, if you are financially strong to withstand any rise or fall, this will not even be a disadvantage.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this type of poker site, the next thing to get on with will be identifying the best Bitcoin poker sites to start dealing with.

How to Spot Credible Online Bitcoin Poker

Although the site may accept deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin, yet it is important not to conclude the credibility of that site so quickly. This is because the rate of Bitcoin poker sites is being accepted is giving room for just any site to gain access to people’s money. Therefore, you should take note of some things to ascertain the validity of any site.

The first thing to consider is the license of the site you are playing on. Is it well licensed? Are there proper regulations put in place? If not, you just need to move to the next site and check for the best with this tip.

Likewise, you need to evaluate reviews given by customers to see how far they have been providing adequate game experiences to their users. If they don’t have so many reviews, they are new to the system and could be a danger sign not to make deals with them.

The last thing to check if they have checked these other two on your list is the game offered. Are the games what you were expecting? Are they mind-blowing like the reviews said, or they are far from it? All these are important for a great and profitable time to play Bitcoin poker rooms on the site. Do well to intentionally lookout for these notches before attempting to gamble with your precious Bitcoins.

Navigating Your Way Through The Rooms

You have gotten the site that fits your Bitcoins budget and standards. The next phase is to move through the rooms that are on your chosen poker rooms site. These rooms are based on the type of site you are on. There are three forms of play Bitcoin poker sites you can log into in the casino world.

1) Only Bitcoins currency poker site

This type of site is designed for just Bitcoin currency only such that no other type of currency, including other cryptos, can be used. This site is an easy one for anyone who wants to gamble using Bitcoin to do so without any restrains or extra charges since just this payment method is allowed. Although it accepts Bitcoin, it doesn’t allow for Bitcoins currency to be converted; hence, the same currency goes out.

2) Bitcoins currency as an option site

You are free to use your debit/credit card to do transactions with other currencies on this site, as Bitcoin is just one of the options. This site is different from the first, as you can use a converter on the site to change your currency from one form to another. This is needed because Bitcoin is not stable and would be compared to see which currency will allow for greater value before an exchange can be done.

3) Bitcoins through specific e-wallet sites

If you are not familiar with the usage of e-wallet, it would be difficult to navigate through this poker room. Why is that? This is so because the digital currency in question is sometimes needed to be stored on a type of wallet to guarantee more security. So, if you are not having that form of Bitcoin e-wallet, you will simply not be allowed to play any game on that site. The best solution to this is understanding how their e-wallet works and following the process, if that site is what you choose to gamble on.

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Bitcoin poker

The gradual acceptance of online poker sites has drawn in many questions asked by several users and potential users. Among the many questions, these are the most frequent, and they are all carefully answered.

How many games do I get to play with Bitcoin?

Many people assume online Bitcoin poker games because since it has a special payment currency, access to games will be limited. Well, this is not true. Every player gets to play as many games as you want since the number of games on most Bitcoin sites is almost unlimited. So, do you play just one or two games using Bitcoin? No! You play the number you want without restrictions with this digital currency.

Do I get a bonus with Bitcoin?

Definitely! You will get bonuses just like normal currency permits. It becomes interesting to note that the bonuses that come with Bitcoin are even more massive. The welcome bonus that most site offers for Bitcoin exchanges is sometimes too good to be true as they are quite substantial than what was envisaged with fiat money.

Is Bitcoin in my country also?

Bitcoin is not restricted to one country, even though some poker sites might be. But when it comes to trading using Bitcoin, those sites that don’t permit your location will have no choice but to accept Bitcoin as it does the talking. This also means you can do transactions with players who aren’t using the same fiat currency as you. Hence, it is a win-win for everybody on Bitcoin online poker sites since the exchange is all that is needed for the business to start working fine.

Can this poker online be played with phones?

Yes, it can! Players just need to have Bitcoin wallets on their phones then operate with a friendly site to their mobile phone. Another good thing is, you can also deposit money using your phone. This is possible because Bitcoin wallets are designed to allow mobile users to do transactions easily. Therefore, you have no worries as you transact with your phones.

Are there poker tournaments on Bitcoin online poker sites?

Yes, there is no doubt about that! Players will enjoy the same kind of tournament to play on regular poker sites. You get to play hold ’em and many other tournaments that will help cash out money in the form of Bitcoins. Besides, the number of players you will be up against in the tournament will be larger since the number of players in a tournament is not in any way small.

Which offers a fair deal, online poker that accepts Bitcoin or the land poker industry?

When it comes to poker sites that use Bitcoin as the payment option, you can be sure of a fair game. The Bitcoin currency is not just backed up with encrypted code, but the poker site has a gambling license that is in all ways valid. So if you want a fair game with security that you can trust, then Bitcoin poker is what you need.

Can This Type of Poker Game be Played For Free?

Yes! This is not just peculiar to the conventional poker players’ game; accepting Bitcoin poker also allows for free play. Also, poker players will get to win real money in the process of you trying out your free tournament that is common among many poker sites that use Bitcoin payments.

Who Can Play on Bitcoin Poker?

There is only one limitation placed on those that can play this type of poker, and it is age. The age range limit depends on location as some countries classify adults as those above 18 while other countries and poker sites will want their minimum age to be 21. Aside from that, there is no limitation. Therefore, any adult person that has a Bitcoin wallet and can follow the process of how to start gaming on the sites can do it at any time and on any poker site.


There you go, all you need to know about online Bitcoin poker. No doubt, It wasn’t an easy ride with the learning curve that came with Bitcoins, but this time around, you have got it all in just one read. If you follow the whole review process, you will find it easy to do any poker gambling using Bitcoin as your payment option. Plus, you won’t have to think so hard on anything on which one of the sites is good for you. This is because online poker rooms players can begin from any of the researched sites that are licensed and credible. Then, you will cash out in grand style. What then are you waiting for? Make a move today into poker gaming using Bitcoin.