Top Card Trumps

The winning moves UK card game – “trumps” has been widely accepted in the United States. The Top Card Trumps game started as a pastime for a young audience in the United Kingdom and the United States. Most children played the game. The game is educative and contains facts from exciting topics. These facts include attributes that are used to play the game. Winning moves UK is a wholesaler of educational card games such as the Top Card Trumps game. But some of the most famous packs we’re printed in the United States.

The Top Trumps game cards are easy if you want to know how to play. Meanwhile, the game remains one of the best trick games around. The wide acceptance of the game saw it developed on video games and tv shows.

Now a video poker casino game, Top Card Trumps game on bspin makes use of regular card decks that follow similar gameplay, which you will soon understand.

Meanwhile, to play the Top Card Trumps game, you often use terms that you should understand.

Some of these terminologies that are frequently used in Trump’s card games follow below. These will give you a clearer idea of how to play the game.


  • Dealer: In the Top Card Trumps game, the dealer is the second player. He also deals with the cards in the game.
  • Tie: When players have the same value wins on the attribute, a player calls. In this case, there is no Top card.
  • Ante up: To ante up means that a player places their bet in the card games Trumps.
  • Deal: This is when the dealer shuffles the cards and distributes what you need to begin the game.
  • Fold: This is one of the two options the dealer offers you when a tie occurs. When you choose to fold, the dealer takes half of your bet and deals a new hand. When you tie the dealer, you can easily see the fold option on the left side of the game screen.
  • War: “War” is the latter of the choices after you tie the dealer. When you go to war, the bet raises by the equal amount of your original bet.


The game is easy if you want to know how to play, and after this detailed description of the game, don’t be surprised if you find yourself digging in.

To start, you ante up your bet and click deal. Then the dealer gives two cards, one for you and one for himself—the player whose card has the highest value Trumps.

The card ranks like this from highest to lowest; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A.

Betting Options

There are two betting options in the Top Card Trumps game. You can bet on Trump and bet to tie.

For instance, if after dealing the cards, the dealer has a card, Q and you have 6, the house wins because the Queen is the top card in that scenario. However, if you get a card, 10, and the dealer gets 7, you win.

If a tie occurs while you bet on Trump, then the game can go two ways. You either “Fold” or “War.”

You can also play a tie bet by clicking the tie bet strip “TIE BET WINS 10 – 1”. This means that you win the bet if a tie occurs.


You cannot play to tie alone; you have to play to Trump too. So, if you Trump the dealer, you lose the bet placed on the tie.


You win double your wager when you trump the dealer. A player can use the Bspin casino bonuses to play Top Card Trumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Play Top Card Trumps Game?

To play Top Card Trumps game, you ante up your bet and click deal. It requires a minimum of two players to play Top Card Trumps. Then the dealer gives two cards, one for you and one for himself. The player whose card has the highest value trumps.

How Many Cards are in Top Card Trumps?

There are six decks of 52 cards in Top Card Trump’s games, and the cards are dealt evenly to all players.

How Many Categories Do Top Card Trumps Have?

Top Card Trump’s game has five categories in total.


While playing Top Card Trumps game, players should avoid the tie bet because the probability of getting a tie is low. Also, you can check how to play Sic Bo and other fun casino games on Bspin.