types of slot machines

Like every casino guide that you know, the puzzle, table games, the board, and the card games, all have different types, and slot machine games are no exception. This article will get you familiar with the different types of slots obtained in an online casino and a land-based casino.

There are many different types of slot games in the casino world, and this is because there are equally a lot of casino games creators out here. To make your gaming experience easier and less cumbersome, this article will try as much as possible to categorize these teeming numbers of slot games into a few groups. Knowing the types of slot games obtainable in casinos with the different casino terms that you should know will help make you an expert in the knowledge of slot games.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this article.

Different Types of Slot Machine

  • Single Coin / Multi Coin Games

Single coin machines are the classic types of slot machines. This is because they are out of date, and you seldom don’t find them in online casinos.

Although you might still be able to run into a few single coin slots in a few equally old land-based casinos, these one coin games are not common in today’s casinos. Anyway, for this article, a one coin machine is that slot machine where you can insert ONLY one coin at once. That is, the maximum number of coins you can insert is one.

While the multiple coin games are those machine games where the number of coins you can insert is limitless, you can insert as many coins as you desire to play with.

  • Multiple Payline Machines versus Single Paylines

In the past, slots had just one payline, and you can see it right there in the middle of your screen alongside the paytable.

Now, slots have more than one payline. You can now see machines with as much as three, five, seven, or fifty paylines, all explained and shown on the game’s paytable.

  • Flat Top Jackpot versus Progressive Jackpots Slots Machines

Slots with a fixed top jackpot are those where there is a fixed top prize for every winner, regardless of how good or bad each player plays. The top prize for this type of casino slot is usually very low, but you stand a greater chance of cashing out with its RTP feature. On the other hand, the progressive jackpots slot machines are those machines where your jackpot starts from one amount and continues to grow as you play and win.

Progressive slots do what flat tops don’t do. They give players the chance to win huge sums and also have the bitcoin value weekly cashback option. With this progressive slot machines game, the more you play and win, the more your accumulated jackpot, and there is no limit to how much you can go on with the progressive jackpot. When there is a winning made on the progressive jackpot, the next game play’s progressive jackpot is reset on the gambling machine.

The difference in both types is the slot machine jackpots.

  • Single versus Multiple Games

As the names imply, the Single game slot machine types are those slot machines where you can only play one type of game. These are the types of slot machines that Bspin features.

Whereas, the Multiple Games Slot Machine types allows the player(s) to switch between different slot games on a particular slot machine.

You can start by playing a particular game; for example, you can start by playing Bspin’s Diamonds Are Forever and can switch to Dance Party right there on the slot machine.

  • Online versus Land Based Slots

This one is something you all should be familiar with. Online Slots machine games are the ones that you play on the internet on your gadgets.

Everything about these slot machine games is carried out through the internet, placing bets, playing, of course, and even winning money.

The land-based slot machine games are slot machine games where you have to stand in front of an actual slot machine in a brick and mortar casino to insert a coin or bill to play to win a jackpot.

While both types of slot machine games are cool, they have their pros and cons. You can get your money immediately for the land-based slot machines, but the payout percentage might not be as juicy as that of the online slot machine games.

For the Online slot machine games, there is the ease of playing, such that you don’t leave the comfort of your house before you can place a bet and play games, but getting your money might take time.

Not to forget to mention that Online slot machines have a higher jackpot payout percentage as they don’t have to deal with some financial constraints that the land-based casinos go through.

  • Classic Versus Modern

Some slot developers would never stop developing classic slot machine games regardless of how technologically advanced the gaming world is.

The Classic reel slot machines are those slot games that give you that “old-school” feeling of playing a traditional slot game in a brick and mortar casino. These slot machines game offers you the same 1 payline and 3 reels slot games. These slot machines have the same features, the same number of reels, the same music, the same winning combination, and the same background, just like what you are used to backing in the day.

They don’t feature bonus rounds, free spins, bonus games, scatter symbols, diverse winning combinations, or bonus symbols.

An example of this type of slot machine game is the fruit machines such as Bspin’s Classic 7 Fruits game.

The Modern Slot machines are not the same. These ones evolve with technology. For every technological addition made into the gaming world, best believe that these Modern slot machines will feature them.

Talking about bright lights, hip hop music, bonus games, modern characters, multi-player features, multiple payline features, bonus rounds, scatter symbols, wild symbols, diverse winning combinations, multiple games feature, 5 reels, customized reels, Modern themes, jackpots, free spins; are all the things you would find on the Modern Slot Machine Games.

  • Touch Screen

Not wanting to be left behind in the technological advancement of the gaming world, the brick and mortar casinos too have found a way to bring evolution to their business.

And this is through the swapping of button-based games for slot games where all you have to do is touch the screen and not punch buttons till your fingers get numb. Asides from the touch the screen feature, the brick and mortar casinos have also introduced captivating audio and video effects for their slot games.

That is a huge step for onsite casinos!!

  • Video Slots

Sidelining the olden day mechanical reel slot machine games, the video slots have taken over the gaming world now. Instead of going through the challenges of mechanically trying to place your bet or play, this type of slot allows you to insert your coin or bill into the validator, select your wagering amount, and numbers of paylines right there on the slots.

You then press the start button on the slots, voila! You are on your way to having fun and also making lots of money at the same time. One of the coolest things about video slots machines is that they offer players as many paylines as you can get on the mechanical reel.

While the mechanical slitseels may not offer more than 5 paylines, the video slot machines offer as many as 20, 30, 40, or 100 paylines, based on the casino you are playing at.

A player can also enjoy bonus games and free spins during a gameplay on a video machine games. One of the video slot machines’ biggest features is that the future of your winning result doesn’t lie in your hand. Unlike the mechanical slots reel where you can guess your result, the video machine doesn’t work like that.

With the video slot machine, your spinning result is determined by an RNG feature (Random Number Generator). It is this RNG feature that helps to sort the spinning result in a video slots machine game.

  • 3D Slots Machine

Pick a video machine game, add a sprinkle of captivating real-life graphic characters and backgrounds, and there you have your 3D slots machines.

This type of slot takes slot games to the next level, as playing on a 3D machine gives a player a thrilling and beautiful feel of verisimilitude. The symbols and characters look so real on your screens such that you feel like you can touch them.

The concepts of 3D games and video game machines easily confound a lot of game players. They are always confused by the words. Don’t get it twisted; all 3D games are video games, but not all video games are 3D games. This means you can only find 3D games on video game machines, but not all video games come in 3D resolution.

Some slots games come in higher or lower digital resolutions. Do we hope you are clear on that one? 3 Genie Wishes by Bspin is an example of a 3D slots game that you will enjoy.

  • Tight Games versus Loose Slot Games

This is one of the hilarious categorizations of machines, but regardless it is a categorization, and you need to know about it.

The loose machines are those ones that pay out a lot of money to the players, regardless of your skills or the game type you are on.

You just have to win one or two games with this type of machine.

On the contrary, the tight machines are those ones where you have to sweat before you make a winning.

The reasons for this cut across a lot of factors such as game type, the developer, and the gambling establishments.

  • Las Vegas Games

As the name suggests, these are machines that feature the typical Las Vegas games you can find in a typical traditional Vegas brick and mortar casino.

Talking about the roulette games, the Blackjack, the Poker, and the rest.

  • Reel Slots

Reels are those machines that feature a vertical line up of different characters. This vertical line up is known as reels.

At the beginning of reel machines in the gaming world, the common numbers of reels that you can find on any machine are three; most machines feature just three reels.

But now, as the gaming world advances, you can find as many as five reels or ten reels on a slot machine game.

  • Triple Diamond Games

Stepping away from the bonus rounds rave that most slot games attract players with, this type of game doesn’t reward players with bonuses, as it focuses more on the classic three-reel gameplay.

Besides, this game features a wild symbol, which is the triple diamond symbol—matching this symbol with any other symbol on the payline rewards the player with a triple of the winning combinations.

If a player matches two of these Wild symbol with another symbol in the payline, the game rewards the player with a factor of nine winning payouts.

And in a case where you get thrice of the wild symbol on an active payline, the player earns a multiplication of 1,199 and the winning amount in a winning combination payout.

This slot game also offers players the Auto Spin game feature. This feature allows the player to get an automatic spinning of up to 40 or 50 times.

  • Big Berthas

Have you heard of the BB slot machines? Some of you might have seen them in your favorite casino but don’t know them by that name.

The BB machines are very fun to play on, but the payout and winning combination don’t pay well as the other types of games. Another bad part is that you can’t find the BB in online casinos, but only in a brick and mortar casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Slot Types

The different slot types are 3 reel classic slot machines., progressive slots, mobile slots, big berthas, etc. There is quite a number of slots.

What Are The Best Type of Slot Machines To Play?

Some of the best types of slot machines to play are Cleopatra, Gladiator, Goldfish, etc.


Online casinos are numerous; so placing the different onsite and online casino games into different and distinct categories is not a small feat. There are over a hundred thousand different slot games designed and powered by different gamers.

Regardless of this, the above is an almost comprehensive categorization of a lot of these games, using several factors as yardsticks. Such factors include paylines, game types, coins, resolutions, technological advancement, payout, and others.

This is why you can find that each machine across multiple casinos falls into one of the categories or the other. It is no surprise that a good number of gambling games you know fit into one or two of these types of slot machine categories perfectly.