Are you ready to party with the Ancient Mayans? Well, you can’t, they are all gone now, but they are still in the virtual world under the fifth sun. Nobody knows what that means; it’s a mystery like everything Maya-related, but it’s still exhilarating, just like the game Under the Fifth Sun.

Remember 2012 and all the weirdness and excitement their strange predictions brought? I don’t know about you, but I was excited back then as I love everything Mayan, and I was excited to get something similar in the world of slots.

You can get a taste of that mystery and excitement in this slot, as the Mayan culture is incredibly well implemented in a standard video slot setting. But before you get too excited, make sure you read the rest of this review, so your money doesn’t end up getting sacrificed to the Ancient Mayan gods!

Under the Fifth Sun Tech Features

The theme of the game and the stellar graphics will put you in a trance, but the Ancient Mayan temple from Under the Fifth Sun brings something more to excite you.

Namely, it’s the 25 paylines and the regular 5×3 layout that works so well here; it’s unbelievable. If you’re an experienced slot player like me, you know that this is as standard as slots get. But how it works in this game is not only unique but pleasantly so.

There is no exact RTP for Under the Fifth Sun, but it’s usually cited at 95.52%. That might not sound like much, but who cares when you can get 100x your total bet? Moreover, who needs the RTP to be astonishingly high when you know that the game pays incredibly often, as I’ve seen so many times myself since I can’t get enough of it! The most popular slot games of the world have low RTPs, and yet they are the ones that reward you the most, both in terms of money and excitement.

That all comes from the many features that this game boasts, as you’ll see in the next section, but also from the uncommonly rewarding symbols, like the well-designed high-paying symbol and the Wild that substitutes for all other symbols so you can get even more rewards.

Bonus Features

Are you ready for the main part? Under the Fifth Sun cannot disappoint you as there are two bonus features. How great is that!

First and foremost, there’s the simply named Bonus Feature that can offer as much as 100 times your total bet. I can already hear those virtual coins dropping in my account, filling me with joy.

You can get that, too, as you only need to land three Bonus symbols for the magic wheel to activate. The wheel will then reward you with something, well, always. That’s because it has no duds and always multiplies your total bet for that spin. The multiplier you receive can be 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 50x, and the unimaginable 100x. If you ask me, each option is great, and if you agree, you’ll start clapping your hands with excitement as soon as the feature activates, even before you get the actual reward.

The second bonus feature is even better. Yes, it might sound like it can’t get better than the last, but it actually can. That’s because of the Snakehead feature. The feature starts with a free spin and a small 1x multiplier. But when you spin the reels, both go up. Each spin brings higher multipliers and more free spins, as long as you are lucky. You can eventually end up with a 25x multiplier and several free spins.

Final Thoughts

Under the Fifth Sun is already quite a popular title, which is why I decided to try it. After a few hours (has it been that long?!) I was so pleasantly surprised that I had to play even more.

The game can do the same thing for you, and you only need to give it a chance and see. You have it here at so take a look at the demo version to test it for yourself, and then you can start cashing in as soon as you deposit. Have fun!