Ensuring a Secure Transaction

When it comes to withdrawing funds from online casinos, the speed of the process has significantly improved with the advent of cryptocurrencies. However, it’s important to note that instant withdrawals, as commonly claimed, are not entirely accurate. Some cryptocurrencies exhibit remarkable speed, such as Solana with near-instant 400 ms withdrawals, while others, like Bitcoin Gold, take around 10 minutes. So when you are playing at a Bitcoin Gold Casino or a Solana Casino, you have to consider the withdrawal time. The withdrawal process involves two crucial stages that must be completed before the recipient receives the funds. The first stage is the processing time, which is controlled by the casino itself. This step serves several purposes, including verifying that the withdrawal falls within predefined limits, identifying and preventing any potential fraudulent activities or violations of the casino’s terms, and ensuring the account’s security from hacking attempts. Additionally, the casino may require supplementary documentation, such as proof of the source of funds. Although the processing time is typically shorter than the withdrawal time, its duration varies across different casinos, ranging from a few minutes to a week in extreme cases.

The Journey from Casino to Recipient

Once the casino has approved and processed the withdrawal request, it is passed on to the payment system for further action. The casino transfers the requested amount from their account to the recipient’s account within the chosen payment system. However, since payment methods differ in their underlying mechanisms, the time required for the funds to reach the recipient also varies significantly. In the realm of cryptocurrencies, the concept of “block time” is often used to indicate the time needed for miners to validate transactions within a block and generate a new block. While some cryptocurrencies may offer nearly instant withdrawals, this is not the case for all altcoins.

Withdrawal times of different payment methods:

bank transfer 1 – 5 days
bank cards 1 – 5 days
prepaid cards 1 – 5 days
e-wallets 0 – 15 minutes
Bitcoin Gold 10 minutes per block
Bitcoin 10 minutes per block
Ethereum 16 seconds per block
Tether 5 – 7.5 minutes
EOS 0.5 seconds per block
Litecoin 1.5 minutes per block
Bitcoin Cash 10 minutes per block
Ripple 2 – 5 seconds
Dash 2.5 minutes
Monero 2 minutes per block
Solana 400 ms


Not Instant, but Faster than Fiat

Considering the withdrawal times across different payment methods, it becomes evident that cryptocurrencies offer significantly faster transactions compared to fiat-based systems. Although the entire withdrawal process, including processing time, cannot be considered truly instant, opting for cryptocurrencies remains the preferable choice for those seeking faster withdrawals. Additionally, cryptocurrencies offer additional benefits, such as enhanced privacy and lower transaction fees. It’s worth noting that during periods of high blockchain activity, transactions with higher fees typically receive priority over those with lower fees.

In summary, while cryptocurrencies may not provide instant withdrawals as commonly advertised, they do offer the advantage of expeditious transactions when gambling online.